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Wanted: Business Partners

Imagine those successful companies who always make it to the top of Forbes’ list… Would you like to be part of them? Who won’t? We obviously want to be wealthy not just rich. Now is your last chance! Don’t miss it by signing up now!

You often hear people speak about financial freedom and with the help of this lucrative business model, you can achieve financial freedom by starting of with few clicks.

Watch this:

We’re looking for business partners to build a company more superior than Starbucks! Coffee-lover can definitely make the most out of this business plan! Invite as many friends as you can for they will be your business partners.

Reserve a cup of coffee and fill your pocket with more money! Signing up for reservation is good until June 1, 2011 only.

uMobile: Unionbank’s Newest Mobile Banking Facility

Experience secure and seamless banking transactions with Unionbank’s latest innovative service – uMobile. Join the uMobile private launch to gain first-hand experience of fast and efficient transactions through your phone. This product testing is FREE for the first 100 participants. Private launch is until August 2011 then UMobile will be available to everyone soon.

Get an exclusive invitation through this link – An Exclusive Invite for the UMobile Private Launch

uMobile works for all network providers (Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular, etc.) and for java enabled mobile phones. uMobile’s transactions are processed via SMS. No GPRS required!

By downloading and activating this mobile application, you can enjoy the following:

Unionbank's Mobile Banking Benefits

Unionbank's Mobile Banking Benefits

Sign up now to explore this state of the art mobile banking facility!

Generate Traffic through Facebook “Like” Button Plugin

Here’s one site exposure tip: Let your friends know that you just LIKED a link!

How? Through the help of the Facebook “Like” Button widget for your WordPress blog.

The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

Download WordPress Facebook Like Plugin and install it. (Dashboard>Plugins>Add New>Upload)

Customize the settings on your administration panel:

Facebook Like Button Settings

Configuration of settings

I’ve also experimented with the Facebook Developer tools and there’s another way of adding the LIKE button on specific posts.

Simply get the LIKE button code on Social Plugins page. This is a good alternative if you don’t want plugins to take extra space of your online storage. Just provide the URL to like and then click “Get Code” button and that’s it! Two codes will appear, iframe and XBFML. The former is ideal for sidebar while the latter is for blog posts like this one. So I get the XBFML code and pasted it on the HTML view of this post.

Facebook Like Button

Get that Facebook "Like" button!

And so right after liking this post, here’s what appear on my profile (and News feed):

Facebook Like Button

I really really like it!

For a quicker code editing, here’s the syntax:

<div id=”fb-root”></div><script src=”″></script><fb:like href=”INSERT URL TO LIKE HERE” send=”true” width=”450″ show_faces=”true” font=””></fb:like>


How to Import Your Friendster Blog to WordPress or Blogger

Everyone’s downloading their Friendster profile, don’t be left behind!

So, what’s with the sudden Friendster cram? You might have missed it in the Yahoo! News:

Your Friendster account will not be deleted. You will still have the same email login and password in the new Friendster. Also, your list of friends will be preserved, along with your basic profile information. However, all the photos, messages, comments, testimonials, shoutouts, blogs, forums and groups that you may have now will no longer be part of your account by May 31, 2011. – Friendster Support Forum

The relaunching of Friendster is not to compete with Facebook, rather, to complement the latter. So be ready to extend your social network! Get help from Friendster Exporter!

Friendster Exporter allows you to:
1. Download your Profile

You can save a local copy of your Friendster profile to your pc or laptop so that you can still access your profile page with live links.

2. Export your Photos

You can export all your photos directly to other online photo hosting/sharing sites such as Multiply, Flickr and Photobucket.

3. Download your Blogs

You can download the generated XML export file and upload it to your WordPress Dashboard. You can only export to WordPress and Blogger.

Downloading and Importing Blogs involve these steps:

  1. Authenticate the download – To verify your identity, you’ll be asked to enter your Friendster login again.
  2. Download the blog – After successful authentication, you can either save or open the download, which is a zipped .xml file.
  3. Unzip the download – You have to unzip the file first and make sure it is in .xml format before you export. Take note of where you save the file.
  • Instructions for Blogger – Note: Choose the Import option since you’ll be doing it from inside your Blogger account.
  • Instructions for WordPress – Note: Choose the Import from a WordPress export file option since you’ll be doing it from inside your WordPress account.

More information can be found on Friendster Exporter widget page.

Friendster Exporter: Easy Backup for Your Friendster Account!

Afraid of losing your treasured items on Friendster? Worry no more for you can easily backup your profile, photos, and blog posts with the help of Friendster Exporter!

My FS testimonials and old photos matter to me that much that I decided to download them all right away. My Friendster profile is now locally stored on my laptop which allows me to access every Friendster-bit of me. 🙂 Comments, testimonials, photos, everything!

Here’s a video tutorial from Friendster Support:

I’ve also downloaded the XML file for my blog. I’ll proofread my draft before posting a text-based tutorial for that one.

Adgitize Payment for April

Adgitize payment for April has been sent. Got $10.43, $3.57 short for my next renewal. My Impulsive Buyer ad has just expired and it will cost me another $14 to advertise this May.

Adgitize Proof of Payment - April 2011

Adgitize Proof of Payment - April 2011

I rarely post in the Adgitize forum so I’m missing 100 forum points. And because I’ve been busy these past few days, I can’t even schedule a blog post or complete 100-click points (only 50 clicks required for an advertiser like me).

To give you an idea of my Adgitize activity for the month of April, here’s a table of my earned points:

Adgitize Earned Points April 2011

April 2011 Earned Points

And here’s the equivalent earnings per day:

Adgitize Earnings Per Day

Earnings Per Day

More Adgitize payment proofs and related posts here – BH: Overcashed

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