What Do Forward Thinking Companies Do To Impress New Customers?

No doubt, you’ve heard it all before. Companies that want to bring in new business have to “get out there” and “impress customers.” Sure, but what exactly does all that mean? After all, if there were some secret sauce that guaranteed success, we’d all be using it. The next best step is to look at what forward thinking companies are already doing to be successful. That doesn’t mean emulating them in every detail, of course. It just means taking away some lessons about how a successful business is operated in 2016.

Getting customers through the proverbial door requires a bit of know-how and some intelligent thinking. So what are forward thinking companies doing to make business happen?


Marketing Languages

Successful companies aren’t afraid to make links with other complementary businesses in their industry. They know that when they do, they’ll get far more business passed on to them. The Wedding Mafia is a great example of this sort of thing in action. The Mafia, despite its funny name, is a collection of wedding services companies that all recommend each other. There’s a caterer, DJ, photographer, and tailor. And they all pass on clients to each other in a big merry-go-round.

But perhaps your business doesn’t fit into some existing pattern of client spending, like weddings. No matter. You can still put your name at the bottom of somebody else’s website or business card. Just make sure you find partners whose clients are likely to be the same as yours.

Show Clients Samples Of Your Work

Clients don’t want to pay you money when they don’t have a sense of the quality they’ll get in return. They want to see that you’re really as good as you say you are. Obviously, the best way to demonstrate your skills is to send clients work that you have already done.

Another cool tip is to approach potential customers with ideas. For example, you might be a web designer looking for extra business. One way to get it is to find sites in obvious need of improvement and then send them tips and advice. The next step is to offer to do a small job for free, to see if they like the quality of your work. Before you know it, your foot is in the door, and you’re giving a big contract worth serious money.

Focus On Good Deeds

A lot of people in the business world as too focused on the money. They sometimes don’t understand the power of being seen as an individual who does good, as well as has a great product. One person who does understand the importance of good deeds is Ellen Cagnassola. She runs a handcrafted soap business. And she’s always willing to share her ideas and her time with others. Why? It turns out that this type of altruism doesn’t go unrewarded. Ellen has found that focusing on doing good things in the community boosts her business. People actively want to be a part of what she is doing. And she has no trouble finding customers who feel good about all the good work she is doing. Of course, she makes a point of publicizing her good work, and any astute businessperson would.

Get Competitive With Online Intelligence

Back in the 1980s, things were rather different for startups. It was hard for them to find out what their competition was doing unless they knew somebody in the industry. Now company operations are open and freely available for all to see. A few clicks on your competitor’s website or social media accounts tells you exactly what they’re doing. And with less secrecy, it’s far easier to compete with established players.

Focus On Your Strategic Advantage

In the past, businesses were far more horizontally integrated. Each company provided its own admin and HR function; it’s own marketing, finance and so on. But today, this sort of thing is still going on, and it’s dragging businesses down.

Take eBay and Amazon-based startups, for example. Here we have new companies focused on supplying customers with niche products. But notice what is important here. It’s the “niche products” that give these new startups an advantage, not their ability to supply customers. Yet all too often, it’s the “supplying” part where companies spend most of their money and energy. After all, it takes an enormous amount of human labor to process and ship individual packages.

Forward thinking companies don’t bother with any of this hassle. Instead, they use global fulfillment services to get the job done faster, better and cheaper. To them, it’s simply a matter of focusing on what is vital in their business. Is there business about going through the motions of packing and distributing a product? Or is it about delivering something new and quirky to the market that it hasn’t seen before? If I were a betting person, I’d wager it is the latter.

Create Beautiful Marketing Languages

Marketing is a term that can send shivers down the spine of the most robust entrepreneurs. Why? Well, the short answer is that it is expensive.

For that reason, forward thinking companies tend to put a lot of thought into their marketing materials. They want materials that give them the best bang for their hard-earned buck. Part of that story means that marketing materials need to display the brand image consistently.


Let’s think about when you go to meet a new client. What is it that they want to see? Well, depending on the services you offer a brochure perhaps or a presentation with your branding. They may want to see a portfolio of your work so far. And they may even expect a stationery package.

Don’t Wait For Customers To Find You

It was once said that if you build it, they will come. But on the internet, that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you remain firmly within the confines of your own site, you’ll languish in obscurity.

So what can you do? Well, the first thing that most companies do is buy a big mailing list and start spamming people with adverts. This type of cold advertising is rarely useful, and it could be hurting your business’s image. So are there any better solutions?

Forward thinking companies tend to take a different tack. They know that people, in general, aren’t interested in their product. So they start by trawling the internet, looking for the sort of individuals who are. Then they write a personalized email to that potential client explaining why they should work together. Sure, it won’t work every time. But it’s a significant improvement over simply sending out spam and hoping something sticks. People tend to answer letters that they see as personal, and so you’re much more likely to get a response.

Get On The Local News

Be on the Local News

The local news loves stories about new businesses that are doing something interesting or useful in the area. Local news outlets love it when a home-grown talent makes it big.

What do you think sounds better to the local press? “Entrepreneur makes it big by landing national deal.” Or, “Wisconsin mom lands big national contract.” It’s the latter.

Savvy entrepreneurs know that the media can be used as a powerful tool to get their brand out there. And if people can see that it is successful at the same time, they’re likely to think that there is something worth investigating. Of course, you don’t just have to use news media to market physical products. It can be great for getting the word out on the launch of a new national service or even an eBook.




Attention All Landlords: This Is How You’ll Maximize Your ROI

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment available. After all, people will always need homes to live in. Therefore, it’s one of the few sectors that offers guaranteed longevity.

The industry will always last. But if you want to last within it, you need to ensure that you’ve taken the necessary precautions at all times. Hard work gets rewarded in this life, and going the extra mile in your investment endeavors will pay dividends.

Return on investment is the name of the game. Here’s how you can become a master.

Have The Right Team Behind You

From your perspective, profit is the key. But there’s a strong chance that you aren’t an expert in the field, especially if it’s a side venture. Therefore, if you want to maximize your potential, you need to surround yourself with the right people.

As a landlord, you need to find the right tenants. Moreover, you need to find them fast as every month without them is a waste. Experts at Froerer can help fill those empty properties in a fast and cost-effective manner. This will ensure that you aren’t missing out on rental charges. Moreover, it can remove the hassle of dealing with bad tenants. In both the immediate and long-term future, this is crucial for gaining the returns you deserve.

The methods used to gain maximized returns shouldn’t bother you. As long as you see the results you crave, things are going pretty well. If those helping hands can reduce your workload too, then that’s just a bonus.

Know The Market

As with any form of investment, success is often dependent on making the right decisions at the right time. Whether it’s buying a property to let, getting a mortgage on it, or selling it doesn’t matter. Understanding the current climate is essential at all times.

Staying abreast with the news is a crucial factor. This will allow you to act quickly to maximize gains or reduce losses. Will the most recent census information influence your opportunities? Will there be a time where selling makes more sense than selling? As a landlord, you need to know the answers.

Knowledge is power. In turn, equipping yourself with the latest and greatest info will ensure that you stay ahead of the game at all times. With such large sums of money involved, you cannot afford to take another option.

Search For New Opportunities

Buying a property to let can become a very lucrative form of investment. However, there are several ways to handle the challenge. As an investor, it’s imperative that your eyes are constantly open to the best opportunities.

This could mean investing in overseas properties. It might mean buying a fixer-upper rather than a home that’s virtually ready to let. Either way, treading new territory can be a fantastic way to take your overall profits to greater heights. Diversifying your portfolio ensures that any damage caused by changes in the market will remain manageable.

As a landlord and an investor, your only focus should be on taking advantage of those financial capabilities. If it means stepping away from your initial plans, then so be it.

Customers Not Knocking On Your Door? Time To Take The Fight Online

Online Marketing Tips

If you’re struggling to get the attention of customers on the high street or clients in the office, it’s time for a change. You need to bring your business model online, and you should do this for a few reasons. The first is probably going to be most important to you. It’s cheaper, and you’ll save a fortune. Rather than buying ads, tv spots or putting up billboards, you can use SEO. Every business owner will tell you that marketing online is far more cost friendly. You will also have the chance to reach more customers. If you have a business on the high street, you can only attract customers that walk past your shop. Online, you can reach anyone looking for a product or service that you’re selling.

So, it’s cheap, and it’s got a far greater potential for success. Now, you just need to know how to do it.

Think About Your Website

Setting up a website is easy. Setting up a website that will attract customers and keep them coming back is far more difficult. You need to make it attractive and offer all the information they need. It should be easy to use and access without being so simple that there’s nothing to look at. Use images, videos and fun articles to make your website more exciting. If you’re worried about it, look crowded connect your website to a blog and post the articles here. It will take you less than an hour to get a website up and running. We suggest you use a professional web design team, though. They can help make sure your website stands out online when compared to other companies.

Getting Customers To Visit

Online, you need to direct customers to your website. That’s all about how you use SEO or search engine optimization. It’s how you found my friendly section of the web and it’s easy to set up if you know how. If you don’t, you can use a professional SEO company. It takes more than just adding keywords and links. You need a connected and elaborate marketing campaign that is sure to provide customers from different sources. For instance, social media is commonly thought of as a form of SEO.

Using social media, you can connect with customers on a more personal level. This will encourage them to buy from your business because they will see you as a trusted resource. Don’t underestimate the power of positive customer reception.

Making Sure They Buy

Finally, getting customers to your site is only half the battle. You need to make sure the commit to a purchase and a great site design will help here. However, you also need to think about your sales model. Don’t just offer customers one option. Make sure there are plenty of purchase possibilities and routes that they can take. You need to keep it secure as well. Otherwise, they won’t risk an online purchase.

Don’t forget you can still sell offline even if the bulk of your marketing is digital. Rather than offering them a place to buy, you simply provide contact info on your site. They can arrange a purchase after being convinced due to a great marketing push.

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Platforms!

There’s always plenty of talk surrounding social media and businesses. Many people believe that social media is the best marketing tool out there. Personally, I think it’s something that your company can’t afford to ignore.

Lots of business owners shy away from social media because it intimidates them. There are loads of platforms out there, which one will be best for you? In this piece, I’ll reveal my top three social media marketing platforms:

Facebook - Social Network


Strictly speaking, you should get your business on as many social media channels as possible. However, if you were only to pick one, Facebook is the one you should pick. It’s without a doubt the biggest social networking platform in the word. There are nearly two billion active users on Facebook each month. That’s two billion people that could find your business and, potentially, become customers. Obviously, you’re not going to get two billion customers, be realistic! My point is, there’s a large market out there, and so much potential.

Facebook is the all-rounder of the social media marketing world. You can do a bit of everything on it, and there’s not one thing I’d say it specializes in. You can create various content, from text to videos that last ten minutes long. Then, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers and communicate with them at length. It’s also a great way for you to direct Facebook users to your website. As a result, you can gain plenty of web traffic in a short amount of time.

If you’re a social media beginner, then there are many things you won’t know about this platform. Facebook can be a lot more complicated that some people might think. Especially if you use it for business marketing purposes. In fact, there are things like Facebook EdgeRank that a lot of regular users don’t even know about. This is the algorithm that Facebook uses to decide what appears on people’s newsfeeds. So, if you’ve ever scrolled down your newsfeed and wondered why something is there, it’s because of EdgeRank. Naturally, for businesses, this is a very important thing that you need to know about. You want to get your posts on people’s newsfeeds and appearing as one of their top stories. If you can do this, then you’ll grow a larger presence on social media.

One of the things that get you a high rank on Facebook is quality. The quality of your content is very important, and it’s something you need to pay attention to. Quality content also happens to be a great way of drawing new people to your business. They see a good post and end up liking your page. Marketing on Facebook is all about staying connected with your audience and getting your content shared as much as possible.

Instagram - Social Network


Remember how I said that Facebook was an all-rounder of sorts? Well, Instagram is very much a visual specialist. It’s a platform that’s focused on image and video sharing. If you want to post pictures and short videos on social media, this is the best place for it.

You see, people on Instagram are interested in seeing funny and impressive photos. They like to scroll down their timeline and ‘like’ different posts that they see. If you want to start writing content for your followers, then this isn’t where you’ll get things done. Instagram users haven’t got time for long text posts. They like things to be short and sweet; it’s why they’re on this platform.

One thing that sets Instagram apart from Facebook is that your business can market in a different way. If you scroll through Instagram, you’ll soon find plenty of users advertising businesses and brands. When you look at their profiles, you see that they have loads of followers. Sometimes, they have more followers than the business they’re promoting! This is because Instagram is a great place to find people that have a big influence on social media. People with big followings that are keen to promote your business for something in return. Contact Instagram users with lots of followers and plenty of likes on every post. Then, ask them if they’ll post a photo promoting your business, in exchange for a reward. Perhaps you can offer them a discount on your services, or send them some freebies? The key here is ensuring you find people that suit your brand. For example, a lot of health and nutrition companies contact people with fitness pages on Instagram. This is because their values align with one another, and it makes sense. Whereas, it wouldn’t make sense for Mcdonald’s to contact someone that posts about eating healthy!

Once again, content is also crucial for Instagram marketing. The quality of your photos needs to be as high as possible. No one likes to look at blurry pictures that don’t look great. It makes your business seem unprofessional if your photos aren’t of a high standard. Similarly, they have to be engaging for your audience. Don’t post photos about your family holiday; no one will be interested. Save that for your personal account, and make your business one about business. Post photos of new products or secret behind the scenes footage. People love that kind of stuff, and you’ll receive maximum engagement.

Twitter - Social Network


Much like Facebook, Twitter allows you to do a little bit of everything. However, it’s a platform that offers a different experience. Twitter is all about streaming constant information at users in real time. These days, more people are finding out breaking news stories on Twitter than anywhere else. This is because of the timeline feature that keeps things in chronological order. As you scroll down, you have the most recent tweets at the top, and then older ones going down. Also, your timeline updates a lot more often than on Facebook. This is down to the fact that tweets can only be 140 characters long. So, it’s all about posting short and snappy bursts of info for your followers to enjoy.

Most businesses measure their Twitter marketing success on how many followers they have. The more followers you have, the more people you can engage with. It makes it far easier to convert your social media followers into paying customers. However, gaining followers is easier said than done. When you start out on Twitter, you’ll have zero followers. So, how do you get seen? Firstly, you should get as many of your friends and family to follow your account and tweet about it. This should help you get off the ground and find a couple of hundred followers. Secondly, you need to make good use of hashtags. Hashtags are how other users will find you on Twitter. Stick a hashtag in a tweet and you can find your target audience with ease. Plus, you can search for hashtags and get gifted with all the users that are using it. So, you’ll have your target market in the palm of your hand.

Finally, the ultimate key to finding followers is, you guessed it, quality content. If you ask anyone why they’re following a certain account, they’ll say it’s because they like their tweets. And, it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Why would you follow an account that doesn’t tweet, or that tweets rubbish? It would be pointless, and you’d unfollow them immediately. So, your business has to ensure that your tweets are on point. With only 140 characters at your disposal, this can be a tricky task. The key is getting straight to the point with your tweets. If you’re only posting text, then tweet information people find useful or funny. Sometimes, it’s better to tweet photos as they can get you more engagement from users. Most of all, you have to post regularly. Companies that constantly post tweets will do a lot better than ones that don’t.

Thanks to its character limit, Twitter also provides you with a great traffic building idea. Many businesses will post tweets with links to a page on their website. And, with the character limit, they don’t include all the information possible. They hit people with something that grabs their interest, and they must follow the link to learn more. It’s an easy way to earn more clicks and get your web traffic numbers soaring.

Final Thoughts

These are my top social media platforms for marketing purposes. I’ve chosen them because they’re the most effective out of all the social media out there. However, that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else. YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all honorable mentions that just missed out on a place on this list. In my opinion, you should try and utilize as much social media as possible. It’s the best way to build brand awareness and grow your business online.

Social media has been around for a fair few years now. Businesses have had time to look at it, and realize the potential it presents. In this day and age, you can bet that all your competitors are using social media marketing. If you’re not, then you’re falling behind everyone else.



Simple Ways You Can Triple Profits In your Company

Welcome to the world of business where profits are everything. We do mean everything because contrary to what some people say, no one starts a business for passion. They start one to make money. Thus, when you open your company, you need to ensure it’s making the biggest amounts of money possible. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can triple the profit that you’re making right now. It’s all about looking at your business model. You need to assess what works, what doesn’t and how you can improve the situation. On that front, we’ve got some great ideas that you’re going to find useful.

Upgrade The Tech

Upgrade to Tech

What’s the most important part of your business? It’s not your employees so don’t give us that old answer. No, they key to a great business is now almost certainly, technology. With the right tech, you can easily take your business to new heights and allow your profits to soar. Why is this? If you upgrade your tech, your company will be working at a far more efficient level. You will have fantastic resources at your disposal that you can use.

Let’s look at file sharing as an example here. A secure file sharing system will allow you to transport files easily to customers and employees. The transfer could be instantaneous using a cloud server, and that’s important. It saves you both time and money because your employees don’t have to mess around trying to get the info. They have everything that they need at their fingertips. That’s not the only tech you should be looking into the boost profits either.

You need to think about upgrading your computer systems. By upgrading your computers systems, everything will be processing at a faster rate. It’s not just about transferring data or files. Employees will be able to get a lot more done while still taking breaks. An overwhelming number of companies are still using XP on their computer networks. Don’t make this mistake. The amount you save by not upgrading does not equal the amount you’ll gain by making the switch.

Train Your Employees

Train Your Employees

If you want to increase your profits, you need to think about your ROI. You must work towards increasing your return of investment. In this case, we’re thinking about what your employees can give you. When you take to hire an employee, you are taking on a cost for your business. You’ll need to pay them a wage. You must ensure that they give you back more than they cost. One of the possibilities is training them up while they are working for your business. By doing this, you can guarantee your employees can do more for you. You’ll be able to trust them with different jobs, and they’ll deliver a more effective service

If you are training your employees, this is going to cost you, but it will be worth it. You just need to make sure that once they receive the training, they don’t look for greener pastures. You can do this, by offering incentives to keep them on board. It might seem like you are paying a lot for very little. Yet, you must not be deterred. Highly trained employees will lead to more customers and clients buying from your business.

Increases In Marketing

Of course, if you want the best way to increase customer interest and further profit potential, marketing is the key. You need to think about implementing new ways of promoting your business. It is no longer enough to simply push forward with SEO campaigns and typical tactics. You need to try different things that will make you stand out from the competition.

You may wish to speak to a marketing agency about this possibility. Skilled marketers know how to make a business like yours stand out from the rest. They understand what customers want to see and are masters at making it a reality. Alternatively, you can create and shape a marketing campaign by yourself. Start by thinking about your target audience. That way, you can make sure the promotion appeals directly to them. After this, you need to think about promotional content. The best content will have the potential to go viral. When this happens, you will gain a lot of traction online. At that point, there is nothing stopping profits soaring exponentially.

You may also want to look at increasing business leads. One possibility is to buy business leads and guarantee you see increases in traffic for your site.




Change Your Life By Being a Well-rounded Business Person

Some roles in business are very well-defined. They have set tasks and boundaries. The people performing them will rarely step outside of their roles. However, many positions involve doing a range of tasks. People often have to dabble in lots of different skills. For example, someone might work for a startup where everyone needs to do a bit of everything. Being a well-rounded business person can have its advantages. You can show your employer that you’re a valuable asset or have plenty to contribute to your own business. If you want to be a more well-rounded business person, here’s how you can do it.

Best Online Business Model

Learn a Little Bit of Everything

If you want to be able to get stuck in with whatever task needs completing, you need to have a broad knowledge base. You don’t have to be an expert at everything, but it helps if you know a little bit about lots of topics. If you can perform tasks that might not be in your job description, you can avoid asking someone else to do it. There are several ways you can improve your knowledge and skills. For example, you can take a course like those offered at Simplilearn.com in SEO and other marketing skills. You can ask colleagues and employees to show you the ropes too.

Be Willing to Step Up to the Task

Sometimes to learn you have to be ready to volunteer. If you can put your hand up and offer to learn how to do something, you can expand your horizons. Sometimes you can only learn by doing. It’s often much easier to have a go at things on your own time, however. Whether you run a business or learn new things outside of work, you don’t have to wait for anyone else’s permission. You can take the initiative to do something yourself. It could be anything from building a website to running a marketing campaign.

Pay Attention to What Other People Are Doing

Learning from others is one of the best ways to become more well-rounded. When you work with people in different specialisms, take an interest in what they’re doing. There are lots of benefits to doing this. If you learn to understand what they’re talking about, it’s easier for them to work with you. They don’t have to explain things as much, so you will spend less time on your project together. You could also receive a better service. You will be able to ask the right questions and ensure they’re doing certain things.

Lead a Well-rounded Life

Don’t just try to be well-rounded in the world of work and business. Trying many varied activities in the rest of your life can help you to be well-rounded too. You can pick up lots of skills and knowledge from the things you do during your free time. It could even lead you to have a business idea or perhaps help clients you work with.

Working on a range of skills can help you be a better business person. It could help you improve your career or build a business.

The Skills You Need To Be In the 8% Of Startups That Make It

The sad fact of startups is that the majority won’t make it beyond two years. In fact, the most reliable statistic says that 92% won’t make it. But that shouldn’t put you off. In fact, by reading articles like this and doing your research, you’re already putting yourself at better odds. You’re learning about the risks and how to avoid them. So without further ado, let’s see what you need to do to be within that golden 8% of startups.

Business Startup Ideas

A plan

The first thing you absolutely need to have is the plan on how to make your business work. You need to have an actual business plan, first. Then, you need to try and find the financing for your business. This is why it’s important to have a plan. A lot of investors will look at it to see whether or your idea is viable. Getting them on board is often what can make or break someone’s dream of starting a business. So besides having a business plan, you need to consider something else too. Whether or not your business idea is good nor not from the very start.


Thankfully, finding out whether or not your business idea works isn’t a matter of guesswork. Rather, it needs a good deal of research. In particular, market research. You need to look at businesses who offer services similar to yours and look at the kind of markets they’re hitting. How successful they are and whether or not they’ve left room for you. Whether you offer anything unique to find that niche or if you have to go back to the drawing board. Accurate research means testing your idea, too. If It’s a product, it’s easy to design a prototype and take it on the road. To see how it works and if it’s getting a good reaction. Again, if it isn’t, it’s not the end of the world. You can just keep working on it.

Business Marketing


One of the best ways you can do that is to tell a story. It might not sound immediately intuitive, but storytelling is an important part of being an entrepreneur. Of both selling and of getting your staff on your side. In terms of how you sell yourself, your company and your products or services, this means branding. A consistent style of voice and visual design that runs through every aspect of your company. A strong focus on a message that conveys exactly what you’re here to do. For your staff, it means giving them that vision that’s necessary of leadership. Including them on your journey and your successes. But before you do that, you need to have the people, first.

An eye for talent

That means that you need to get recruiting. As a startup, it’s easy to feel grateful to find anyone willing to hop on board and work with you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be discerning. You need to be able to spot the people who can not only do a job, but fill a role and be a part of the team.  Finding and hiring great employees requires you to be able to spot whether they’re competent and capable. To identify the people with drive, enough that they’re able to show what they can accomplish outside of work as well as inside. Look into their history and listen to their answers.

A focus on the team

You don’t necessarily have to hire the people with the most and best experience, however. No, sometimes it can be a great idea to hire those who are a little untested. Who don’t have the kind of industry experience worth bragging about. Regardless of how much experience they have, after all, everyone needs to adjust. Everyone needs to grow, to become more capable and dedicated. So you need to help them do that. You need to invest in your employees and find ways to develop them. You need to train new skills and delegate responsibilities. You need to be a master of keeping them on your side by rewarding hard work and recognising effort. A strong team is the single best asset a business can have. Www.Mindtools.com and similar sites can help you find the ways to do that.


Whether or not you have staff, you have to have a certain visionary quality. You need to be able to stand a cut above the rest. This can mean having the charisma to go with the knowledge and getting investors and partners on your side. If you are leading a team, it means being able to provide a direction. Leadership is all about inspiration. It’s about having a path and a goal that you can easily relate to others. The ability to influence and win them over. It’s also about being responsible. Taking ownership of your faults and sharing the credit. One of the key aspects through all of that is communication. You need to be able to help just about anyone understand you and what you and your business are about.

Marketing prowess

You know it’s not all about much personal charisma or how great team you have, either. You need to understand the market. The market research you did will help, but now you need to prove it in your communication. Www.MarketMotive.com and similar services can provide you with the tools you need. The training to use digital marketing methods to put your communication skills to work. Strong marketing needs to be a part of your business plan from day one. Few great businesses don’t start with a successful launch and your marketing is an essential part of that. So keep learning and following the trends of the most successful experts.

A customer-driven business strategy

Your marketing and your product are what will get the customer to come to you. But what’s going to get them to stay? That’s going to be one of the most important questions you need to answer about your business. It will go into how you design your site, your app and any other way customers can use your business. How you provide customer services and what you offer those who are loyal to you and your business. You need to make it as simple for them to do business with you as possible. Then you need to give them enough reason to keep coming back. Offer them value. Offer them a personal connection. Offer them a real customer-driven business strategy. Sites like www.ConvinceAndConvert.com can help you figure that out.

Assessing your capacity

There are a lot of different tools that you can use to make your business a success. Product development and sales. Great software and superb IT solutions. Visual design to help you design your brand. There are a lot of working pieces. You won’t be able to make them all work yourself. That’s why you have staff. But then maybe your staff won’t be enough. There are some times you can’t justify taking on a hire but you need something done. That’s when you need to assess your capacity. Can you make that hire? Or is it better to outsource? Outsourcing can help you give your business just the touch it needs to succeed, so don’t be afraid of it.


If things are going well, that’s not where it ends. You don’t want to just be ‘doing well’. You want to succeed and to excel. You want to push your potential and your business’s potential to the next level. That’s what reiteration is all about. It’s about taking a look at your business and finding the ways to get even more out it. Looking at your office and how people work. How you cut out costs and avoid loss. To make people more efficient and productive. To systemise your processes so that people can deal with bigger workload in less time without forcing them to give it too much energy. If you want to be a success, you need to never rest on your laurels.


We’re leaving this point to last because it is the big one. Out of the over 90% of startups that don’t make it past two years, there’s one common downfall. Over 70% of them have trouble scaling. If they get very successful, or underestimate the demand for them, they start to experience rapid growth. A lot of them will believe this is nothing but good news. Only for it to trip them up and shut them down. You need to prepare for scaling well in advance. You need to know how to cope with growth. How to finance it and manage more resources. Dealing with more demand from a larger customer group. If you hit your stride, you need the strategy to keep up the pace.

Naturally, depending on the circumstances of your business, some of these risks are going to be more likely and serious than others. But continue to do as you are doing. Read, learn and research. The more knowledge and data you go in armed with, the much better you can find the solution for any problem down the road.


The Secret Behind Drawing People To Your Website

When you are keen to make as much money as possible from your business, you need to focus on some key areas. One such area is your online presence. As long as you get this right, it is likely that your business will prosper long into the future. However, knowing how to get it right is another matter altogether. One of the most important things is to ensure that you get as many visitors to your website as possible. Of course, this is much easier said than done. Nonetheless, it is achievable and it is definitely worthwhile when you want your business to flourish. In this post, we will take a look at the key ways in which you can easily draw traffic to your website. Let’s take a look.

Easy Organic Traffic

Frequent Updates

Something which a lot of people forget about is the importance of frequent updates. The truth is, you won’t get very many visitors to your site without first ensuring that there is a real reason to go there. The amount of business’ websites you see which are completely stagnant is staggering. The solution, of course, is to keep the website as varied as possible. There are many ways to achieve this. One of the most effective is to get guest bloggers to write for you. That way, you can be sure of a good variety of information, as well as frequent updates. Get this right, and you will find that your website is receiving more visitors quite organically. And that is before you even get into the more secretive tricks and tips for drawing more traffic.


Speaking of which, let’s start taking a look now at some of those key techniques. There are many ways of increasing the traffic to your website which you might not have been aware of. One particularly powerful method is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a technique which has been gaining particular popularity in recent years – and it’s not hard to see why. When it’s done right, SEO can dramatically and quickly improve the amount of visitors you have to your website. Put simply, SEO is a series of tricks designed to raise your website’s profile in search engine listings. This, it goes without saying, then results in more visitors to your site. If you want to really make the most of SEO, it is vital that you use a reputable company like Ruby Search Solutions. That way, you can be sure of the increase in traffic.

Instant Mobile Traffic

Social Media

Arguably one of the fastest ways to spread the word about anything is to use social media. The same applies for when you are trying to draw more people to your website. With the right use of social media, you can soon find that you have a lot of new unique visitors which you didn’t have before. The secret to getting this trick right is to make your update as captivating as possible. Give people a real reason to click the link. And make sure that when they do, they are properly rewarded. There is nothing worse than feeling like a company has got the better of you. So make sure your website delivers on your promise.

5 Ways Hiring The Right People Saves You Money

As a rule, hiring people is an expensive part of running a business. But it’s also a necessary expense to help you grow your business, make more money, and forge your way to success. That said, if you hire the right people, it can improve your bottom line and end up making you a more profitable business. Today, we’re going to take a close look at why the different ways employing better people can cut your costs.

Successful Online Marketer

Decreases turnover

First of all, the whole hiring process is expensive, so it makes sense to limit the number of times you go through it. You have to put time aside, pay someone to create job descriptions, advertise the position – and a lot more besides. You also have to invest in training to teach your new employees about their jobs, and buy equipment and software for them to use. So, the more staff you can keep, the less turnover you will experience. Which all adds up to one thing – significant savings for your business.

Improve chance of successful growth

Every employee you hire has the potential to move your business forward to the next level. If you can find loyal staff that likes working for your company, they will do their utmost so that you can enjoy success. It’s all about building the right culture, which breeds enthusiasm and dedication. It also leads to staff members working above and beyond the call of duty.

Avoids problems further on down the line

Disciplinary actions can cost small businesses a tremendous amount of money. For a start, you might need to suspend employees and buy in extra cover while you investigate any allegations. If you aren’t careful, you could even end up in court facing claims of unfair dismissal – and a large payout.  It’s important, then, to make sure you have as few disciplinaries as possible. Make sure your interview process is thorough, and do background checks, such as criminal records lookup. Try to get to know each candidate, and only hire people you can trust and that will fit in with your workforce. Some troublemakers will slip through the net, of course. But, a robust hiring process can protect you from making too many mistakes.

Marketing Rewards

It buys skill and expertise

The most obvious example of saving money through hiring is when you use an accountant. They are often outsourced third parties, which work with you to control your finances and cut your tax bills by legal means. Those skills and expertise are clearly worth the money, as the value of the savings will outweigh the costs by a significant amount. So, use the same principles when it comes to hiring employees.

It creates a more productive environment

If people are happy in their jobs, they are a lot more productive. In fact, studies suggest that happiness can lead to a 12% rise in productivity. That is not an insignificant amount, and worth considering the next time you are starting a new recruitment drive.

As you can see, if you hire the right people, it can help you save money in several different ways. Do you have any more to add?

5 Essential Adwords Tips For Beginners

You may – or may not – have heard about Google’s Adwords product. It’s online advertising, in essence, and a great way to get traffic to your site. It can be a powerful tool for your startup or SME – but it can also be a costly venture if you don’t use it properly.

Google Adwords Tricks

Today’s guide for SMEs is going to go through some of the most basic tips for using Adwords in your business. There are, of course, many different features and tools you can use within Adwords. But, these essentials should give you some great ideas to start with. Let’s get stuck in.


Learn the basics

Adwords can be complicated – and costly – if you don’t know how to use it. It is essential, then, that you understand some of the basics, at least. We recommend doing the free Google Adwords certification program as an introduction. Or, pass on the responsibility to a staff member if you don’t have time. Even if you decide to hire an external Adwords Management company, you need to know what you are talking about.


Make Money Online Tips

Write better Adwords copy

What makes an online ad stand out? You only have one medium to choose from – your copy. And, much like Twitter, you only have a particular set of characters to work with. Writing Adwords copy is a skill in itself. Make your copy relevant to your landing page, and it should also fulfill your customer’s needs in an instant. Finally, there should always be a strong call to action, to encourage people to click on the ad.

Best Landing Page Design for SEO

Optimize your landing page

One of the biggest problems with Adwords is that even though you pay, there are no sales guaranteed. That is entirely up to you – and how you present your landing page. There is no point investing in a near-perfect Adwords campaign if the visitor arrives on a messy, incomprehensible sales page. Make sure your landing areas look great and have a compelling copy to convert.

Negative Keywords for SEO

Utilize negative keywords

As we have mentioned, it can be easy to waste money using Adwords. But one of the best ways to get the most out of your money is by using the negative keywords feature. Adding in negative keywords will tell Google not to display your ads when a customer adds them to the search query. For example, if you sell brand new books online, you might want to use the terms ‘old’, ‘antique’, or ‘used’. It means your ad won’t show to people who are looking for those products instead. Don’t forget that you pay whenever your keywords are displayed, so it makes sense to cut costs by using negative keywords.

Competitor research

Best Competitor Research Team

Finally, always check on what your competitors are up to. In fact, one of the quickest ways of getting better results is by improving what they are already doing. You can tap into months – or even years – of planning, and identify keywords and copy that gets them results. All you need to do is make them better, and you should find your results start to soar.


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