Are You Harnessing Social Media Within Your Business

Marketing your business requires a broad, multifaceted strategy and is most likely an area in which you have flourished if your organisation has achieved any success; whether that success is on a global or a local scale. Still, whatever your company values and whatever you and your staff hope to achieve through your business ventures, there’s always room for growth and always routes towards improved strategic techniques.

One of the most popular and highly successful techniques falling under the category of SEO and modern growth strategies is social media marketing. There is a huge demand amongst modern companies for an efficient standard of SEO marketing, but, interestingly, the majority of businesses are limited in their scope when they consider the potential of SEO. Aside from simply using keywords to link future and current clients back to your business website or profile, SEO can extend its scope to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The possibilities are endless once you know how to effectively implement social media marketing within your organisation’s business and marketing strategy.

Where on earth do you begin?

You need to build your brand. Whilst your business is likely full of professionals when it comes to design, names, product quality or service performance, none of that expertise and passion means anything unless your brand is reaching the right people. First of all, you have to ensure that your site is SEO-ready. Google is like any website browser; whilst it may not be a sentient being, it definitely hates sites which aren’t optimised in terms of text, design or responsive layouts.

Assuming you’ve already developed a highly-professional and polished website with incredible text content optimised for search engines, but you’re still struggling to really find your stride and deliver the successful results for which your company is searching, then it’s possible that you’re missing other important steps on the road to mastering SEO: most notably, utilizing social media effectively.

Conduct a little research first.

All industries are different and all business within specific industries are different, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can learn from your competitors when it comes to effective marketing strategies through social media and online brand promotion/growth. To attract new customers to your business, you have to find out where they’re all going at the moment and then improve on the offers that have enticed them elsewhere. You likely exhibit similar methods in other forms of marketing, but a different technique is required when it comes to the rapidly-changing, huge expanse of social networking.

Google is a product of the ever-changing online world and one element of this involves its updated approaches to SEO. You have to move with these businesses as they move; if you want your business to rank well in search engines and be discoverable through social networks, you need to understand what it takes to spread your brand effectively. Keywords just don’t cut it anymore.

What are the merits of each social media platform?

Ideally, you should be using every social media platform imaginable, as the key to networking through the internet is to spread your brand as far as possible over as many channels as possible. Of course, different social media platforms can be utilised in different ways. There are some widespread similarities, but each has slightly differing features which can be utilised in slightly differing ways.

Facebook Marketing Success

Facebook: Facebook is an obvious choice for any business, because over a quarter of earth’s population use the platform. Even in terms of traditional marketing, the potential with such an audience is clear. There are potential customers lurking in there for any business with any industry, regardless of whether you’re operating on a local or a global basis. There are customers in amongst those users that you need to be reaching.

Given the ridiculous amount of features on this platform, the possibilities for brand promotion are essentially endless; shared links, articles, sponsored adverts, pages through which you can share videos or other links to build an interested audience and therefore put your brand on the newsfeeds of not only your customers, but their friends on the network. The algorithms through which Facebook manage to share links and pages, even to those who haven’t liked or requested to see them, are truly beneficial to any business.

Twitter: Twitter is much like Facebook, as all social platforms are competitive and strive to include as many features as possible, so as not to lose users. Unlike Facebook, however, Twitter champions trending and a rapid stream of constantly evolving information. It can either be entirely useless if used incorrectly, or it can completely transform your brand. If trending is spread effectively – through other channels your business might be using – then potential customers in your local or national region could be exposed to your company.

Instagram: It’s easy to look at Instagram as a weaker candidate, given its sole focus on visual networking. However, this would be a vast underestimation of the social network’s potential, because a huge element of marketing and advertising revolves around image, as I’m sure you well know. There are ways to effectively include Instagram marketing within your company’s business strategy, but it requires a strong brand image and a desire to create some form of personal connection with all those who might view your company’s social media profile.

In addition, Instagram includes an Explore feature which, much like Facebook’s methods of sharing and sponsored ads, allows potential customers to find your business even if they aren’t following your profile. There’s an endless hub of potential here and you should really be utilising it.

Be personal with your audience.

There’s a reason the world of marketing is changing and part of it is due to the sense of globalisation and community brought about through the internet. As part of this growing change in our society, businesses have changed their technique to adapt to the new culture. If you aren’t personable, real and fun when it comes to spreading a message to your audience, then you’re never going to spread your brand or further your reach.

People share information. That’s how businesses grow. You use an existing client-base, no matter how large or how small, to grow your client-base, because people listen to other people. If you can connect with an audience, then they’ll have something to share with their family and friends. The more people share your links, stories and interesting brands or services, not only will your SEO rankings improve, but your business will physically be reaching a greater number of people through referrals and your chances of enticing regular customers will improve significantly.

Stay Switched On: How To Inspire Customer Loyalty

Today’s consumers have so many brands to choose from – and so many places to buy – that they’re willing to switch brands at the drop of a hat.

Customer Loyalty

According to retail giant eBay, only 37% of online purchase journeys focus on one brand. Instead, they look for who offers the best deals.

Try these four steps to steal their attention away from the competition.

  1. Get on discount websites

Research from Future Foundation found that 50% of shoppers are less loyal to brands than they used to be, while 70% shop around for the best deal. And they’re looking online.

So, get your service on a price comparison site. Or your product on a discount website. Both will take a slice of your profits, but they’re a great way to get initial sales and eyeballs on your brand. If shoppers keep seeing your brand pop up across the web, they’ll associate you with value and circle back.


  1. Encourage peer-to-peer recommendations

Shoppers trust other shoppers more than they trust you. It’s a fact. So, instead of putting all your budget into a fancy cross-channel marketing campaign, do the simple things first.

If you’re an e-commerce fashion retailer, put social media share buttons on your checkout page (next to pics of your clothes). If you’re a coffee shop, hand out free coffee stamp cards. You might just find that little things like this inspire loyalty more than that pricey billboard.

  1. Use social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. You can grab attention, connect with people, and build brand loyalty. Your posts on Facebook might not be lead to an immediate purchase, but they’ll plant the seed for a sale further down the line.

Unfortunately, a social media strategy isn’t as easy as posting a funny picture every other day. To research what interests your customers, create useful and engaging content, and keep track of it all; you need to educate yourself or hire the right people for the job. To do this, small business loans are an easy way to fast track social media presence.

  1. Give great customer service

Most e-commerce companies only offer online support via email or ‘live chat’. Finding a phone number is like a Crystal Maze challenge. By keeping people online or pointing them towards FAQ pages, companies cut out the need – and price – of staffing call centers. And while this strategy saves money in the short term, it could damage your customer loyalty and retention.

Just ask Tony Hsieh, the brain behind shoe retailer Zappos. Look on its website, and you’ll find its phone number right there at the top of the page. Hsieh recognizes that people like to speak to other people. And that call center staff offer an opportunity to cross- and –upsell products.

If a dedicated call center isn’t possible for you, monitor your social media pages and answer customers’ questions as they come in. If am inquiry comes in on your Facebook timeline, ‘comment’ so everyone can see. Transparency helps inspire customer loyalty, too.

Remember, you can work customers’ fickleness to your advantage. According to Accenture, customer switching accounts for $5.9tn each year. By following the steps above, you could position your brand to be the place people switch to.

When It Comes To Financial Success In Business, You Need To Run A Tight Ship

Business Strategies

If you are the owner of your own business, then that probably constitutes a large proportion of your income. For anyone in this position who wants to earn as much as possible – and who doesn’t? – you need to bear in mind certain facts about running a business. One of the most important things to remember is that you should be keeping operations in the business as tightly run as possible. UItimately, what you are hoping to achieve is a business which is not wasting anything on unneeded costs, and which is bringing in as much profit as possible. To achieve that requires that you pay close attention to everything that happens in your business. Let’s take a look at some of the main areas you should be focusing on.

Making The Most Of Your Employees’ Skills

You hired your employees for a reason, and usually they will be performing in the way you expect without you needing to intervene. However, you should always be pushing them to improve themselves if you want your business to be as successful as possible. The more that they are able to do, the better. Staff with varied skills are always desirable, as this essentially means you are getting more for your money. One useful thing to bear in mind is that you should be helping your employees to improve at all times. Consider using a service such as Training Connection to help keep your employees at the top of the skill range. That way, you will feel much happier about the people you have on board, and their roles within the business.

Keeping Accounts Separate

One of the major mistakes that many first-time entrepreneurs make is that they combine their personal and business accounts together into one account. However, this is a risky approach. If you want to know exactly what’s going on in your business, you need to be able to distinguish between what is going on in the business and what is outside of it. Even if the business is just you, you still need to keep it separate. Having it separate means you can more easily keep an eye on everything that is going on. This is vital if you want to run a tight ship, as you can’t let any detail get past you.

Reducing Operating Expenses

This is one of the most essential things that you need to enact in business, and yet it is often one of the most difficult to get right. Your outgoing expenses need to be curtailed dramatically if you want to see your business succeed far into the future. To achieve that, make sure you are aware of exactly which processes are necessary, and which are not. It can sometimes be hard to determine the difference between the two, but mostly it is just a matter of keeping a close eye on all processes within the business. As long as you are reducing operating expenses in this way, you can be sure that your business will continue to flourish.

A Quick And Easy Guide To Essential Computer Maintenance

Proper PC Maintenance

For many of us, our computers are our lives. We use them to make money, connect with our friends and family, and catch up on our favorite shows. But all of us are guilty to some extent of neglecting the health of our devices. With a little bit of TLC, modern computers can last for years. On the other hand, failure to care for them properly can result in costly repairs, and even leaked personal information. Here are the basics of what you need to do to keep your computer happy.

Care for the software

The most likely problem that you’ll face with your software is general wear and tear over time. If you ensure that programs and your operating system are kept up to date, you’ll find that they all run a bit more smoothly. Don’t take up additional memory with programs you never use. Now and then just give it a tidy up – it can make all the difference.

For the security of personal information ensure you have up to date antivirus software and spyware, and run scans frequently. It’s best to keep your computer as locked down as possible, as malignant spyware can be very costly.

Look after the hardware

The static electricity produced by electrical devices cause your computer to be a magnet for dust particles. They gather in any nook and cranny of your keyboard and processing unit and can cause serious problems long term. While unsanitary, the main issue is that your cooling fans can get clogged, which can burn out the whole processing unit and require expensive repairs. A small compressed air duster that can be purchased from any office or hardware store is the best way to dislodge any troublesome dust. This should be undertaken every month or so, to stop it from becoming a problem. Take a look here for more information.

When your monitor gets grimy, don’t just grab furniture polish and a paper towel. You’ve paid a lot for a good quality screen, and treating it roughly can cause permanent damage that could affect your picture quality. Disposable screen wipes are handy and affordable, and allow you to wipe away errant fingerprints and dust as and when.

It’s best to continually monitor and maintain any cables you use for your computer equipment, as failure to do so has the potential to cause an electrical fire. Keep them organized using cable ties, and store any that aren’t in use separately from your equipment. Not only is it safer, but it’ll also just make your office a much more relaxing space in which to spend your time.

Back it all up!

You can be as fastidious with computer maintenance as you like, and things can still go wrong. Make sure you have everything backed up onto cloud software, and backup regularly onto a spare hard drive as well. It takes no time at all, and you’ll be grateful that you can still access all your files if you do have any issues.

If you’re not doing any of these things to look after your device, give them a go. Nothing is particularly time-consuming, and all of them can have a huge impact on the security and efficiency of your computer.

Making Money Will Seem Funny Once You Learn How To Handle Your Finances

Fast Money Online

What’s your main aim running your business? You can give us a lot of nonsense here about giving back to the world or making it a better place. You might also want to mention how you hope to improve the lives of your customers with this incredible product that you are going to sell. It sounds great doesn’t it, but let’s be honest, you only have one goal. You only have one thought on your mind when you own a business. You’re trying to make as much money as possible as quickly as you can. This is your ultimate desire, and we can help you achieve it. We can make sure that your customers are happy and you are making massive levels of profit. To do this, you just need to learn how to handle your finances effectively. So, let’s get started.

Cut Costs Where You Can

Our first recommendation is that you do everything within your power to cut costs where possible. You need to make sure that your company isn’t wasting money in any silly areas. A fantastic example of this would be energy. If you are overspending on energy, you are just pouring money down the drain. You’re not even getting anything from the money that you spend. It will quite simply be there one day and gone the next and that’s a problem. It means that essentially, you’re running a business model that will be bleeding funds.

It’s pointless too because there are plenty of ways you can cut back your energy usage. One of the best is to invest in renewable energy such as solar power. With solar panels you can cut down your electricity usage through the summer months down to zero. Even during the winter months, you will still be using less energy than you used to.

Of course, if you’re looking for the best way to save on energy you just need to check the rates on the market. Make sure that you are getting the best deal on energy from your provider. If you aren’t then you can switch to a cheaper company and cut your costs right down.

Keep It Simple

We think that everything to do with financing for your business should be kept simple. You don’t want to have be fussing around trying to find what money is leaving your accounts. It should be fluid and streamlined. That’s exactly what you get if you invest in some of the latest software and services on the market. For instance, you can use a service such as Vyze. Vyze is perfect for sales companies because they can handle all purchases made by clients. They can also take as many on as they like and never have to worry about spending too much handling sales. Sales will be easy on both sides of the line, for you and the customer or client. Therefore, by keeping things simple, you can also improve the reputation clients have of your business.

Accounting Is Awesome

We’ve already spoken about cutting costs in your business. But it’s important that you don’t take the wrong tactic to try and save money. For instance, many business owners don’t bother hiring an accountant in the hope that this will save themselves some money. What they don’t realise is that they often end up losing more than they save. By not using a service to handle and control finances and funds costs and spending grow out of control. Businesses start to lose money in multiple areas and the whole company model becomes unstable. If you don’t want that, there’s an easy solution. Using an online accounting service you can keep your costs under control. It will also be useful when you are struggling with large tax expenses. This issue can easily be handled and they can even help you reduce how much you’ll need to pay.

Careful Outsourcing

Finally, there are plenty of businesses these days that are trying to save money through outsourcing. It might seem like a smart idea. By outsourcing you can cut your costs and pass on the jobs of your company to other businesses. This can even help some business owners reduce the level of stress that they often feel. But at the same time, it’s important to understand outsourcing can have the opposite effect. If you choose a poor service, it will lead to more customer service charges. Unhappy consumers will be calling you up to get problems fixed, and this will mean you’ll need to hire more staff. As such, you must make sure that if you are hiring an outsourcing team that it is a reliable service.

Boosting Your Business Profits Online Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

If you’re running a business online this year, you are probably looking for ways to boost your profits. You certainly won’t be alone seeking this endeavor. It’s a goal that all business owners are after. They want their companies to be as successful as possible, making them more money. To do this, you just need to attract the interest of new customers. You should also make sure that the customers who are buying from you do give you repeated purchases. A business model where a customer buys once and then stops won’t be very successful at all. You might be surprised at just how simple it could be to increase business demand online. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it could be as easy as one, two and three.

  1. SEO Is Simple When You Know

You have probably already heard of SEO. SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. If you engage in SEO, you will be changing your site to make it more responsive to users searching for products or services that you are selling. You can think of the online world as a network of roads, and your site is one place that customers can stop on their travels. SEO is like putting up neon lights around your building to make sure that they do this. It’s important that you do this because other businesses will already be putting up their own signs.

SEO could be seen as the bread and butter of online marketing. But it’s important to realize that these days it comes in many different forms. You would be foolish to think that SEO still simply means adding keywords and links to your site. While this will certainly help your online ranking, there are other things that you should be doing as well. This is particularly important as Google continues to impose stricter methods as they determine what counts as good SEO. If you get caught using poor SEO practices, your business ranking will fall. This will most likely be due to a Google penalty. They are incredibly difficult to recover from.

Most business owners do use a search engine optimization agency rather than setting up the service themselves. If you do this, you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of making headway online. You just need to make sure that the agency you use can get you where you need to be. It is important to make sure that they are not using black hat SEO techniques themselves. You must be aware that no SEO agency can promise you results online. Indeed, it’s true to say that even Google can not guarantee that you see the best results. Thus, you must choose a company based on their previous endeavors, rather than their promises to you.

  1. Social Media Frenzy

Social Media Tricks

Social media is rapidly becoming one of the most powerful marketing tools for business owners. Using social media, it is possible to gain the attention of an online audience. But, rather than just making sure they want to buy from you, you can get them to feel connected to your company. This connection will ultimately help you build loyalty in your business. Eventually, that will mean that customers are going to want to continue to buy from you. Even if there might be a different company offering a better price. Or, a new exciting product on the market.

To gain this type of loyalty, you just need to make sure that you are connecting with them in a personal way. It would be fantastic if customers saw your business as they do other friends that they follow through social media online. What we mean by this is that you want them to be pleased to hear from you. They should be interested in what you have to say and eager to look at the content that you release.

It’s not difficult to get this kind of reception for your business online through social media. You will need to start by posting content. Ideally, this content should be poised to go viral. If you want that customer need to be eager to share it themselves. To do this, you need to think about what your customers would want to see and what might interest them. Once you understand that you should have no trouble making appealing, shareable content. Remember, it’s important that you use as many sources as possible to get your information shared. You should not just be focusing on one social media network but all the ones that are available. This is how you will create the largest possible reach for your business.

  1. Sublime Web Design

Lastly, you need to consider your web design. SEO will get you to your website, social media will make sure they feel connected enough to buy again. But there’s no guarantee that they’ll buy in the first place if your web design isn’t attractive. It needs to be welcoming, interesting and appealing for it to create the right impression. You need customers to look at your site and have no doubt that you are a professional business. There are so many scams, shady companies online. You can’t afford to be mistaken for one. Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoid this. You just need to hire a pro web designer who will guarantee that your site looks absolutely incredible.

It also needs to be easy to use, and you should be able to lead customers to exactly where you want them to be. In this case, it will be the final purchasing page. If you can do that, there is no reason to think that you won’t see fantastic sales online. Remember, if you want your site to be easy to use you just need to set up a great ecommerce platform. You should also make sure that sales are secure. If you have a problem with security, it doesn’t matter how fantastic your site looks. Customer numbers will soon begin to drop off.

As you can see then making more money online really could be as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

Frighteningly Easy Ways To Make More Money From Your Medical Practice Business

Business Marketing

It’s always a good idea to try and start a business in the healthcare industry. There’s such a large demand for these services, finding customers will never be a problem. One of the simplest and easiest ideas is to set up a medical practice. This business idea has been around for years and is always very popular.

However, making money from a medical practice can sometimes be difficult. Especially in the early days when you’re trying to find your feet. Consequently, I’ve written a piece that will help you make as much money as possible with this business idea. Take a look at the points down below to learn more:


Brand Your Business Properly

The problem a lot of medical practices face is that they forget they’re a business. At the end of the day, your aim is to make money by providing medical care to the public. It’s certainly a different business idea to the norm, but, it’s still a business. So, you have to do things that normal businesses would do, like brand yourself. Too many medical practices don’t focus on branding, and it lets them down massively. You must brand your business properly to help its appeal. Create a friendly brand that’s welcoming and inviting. People should see your medical practice logo and feel comforted and trust you. Branding extends into your practice itself, you must create an environment that aligns with your brand. Don’t have a dark and gloomy interior or an exterior that looks like a typical building. You want it to be warm and welcoming on the inside, so people feel safe and cared for. For onlookers, the outside needs to appear pleasant too. Increase your curb appeal and don’t let people confuse you with a standard office building. Make it obvious you’re a medical practice, and this can entice new patients. You’ll boost your revenue as you’ll start to see more people coming through the doors and paying for your service.

Use Telemedicine Technologies

For those that don’t know, telemedicine is a brilliant way of taking healthcare into the digital age. Your medical practice can utilize it and start earning more money. The basic concept of telemedicine and telehealth is that you provide services via telecommunications. Instead of a patient coming to your practice, you conduct a consultation via video. By doing this, you’re making life easier for you and your patients. It’s the second thing that you should be most concerned with. If it’s easier for patients to get seen to via this method, then you will start to see more patients. More and more people will pay for your private medical services as it represents an easy solution for them. Many people can’t find the time to get down to a medical practice, so, this idea suits them. There are loads of telehealth companies out there that can set everything up for you. Now, you’re in a position to increase your patient intake and maximize your income.

Add Additional Revenue Streams

With a medical practice, you will make your money in one main way. People will pay for your medical services, this includes consultations, etc. But, there are additional revenue streams you can add to your practice to make more money. One of the most obvious of which is to set up a pharmacy within your practice. This is a place for you to sell and distribute prescription drugs to your patients. You can earn more money as people will come to your practice and pay for the prescription drugs from your pharmacy. Plus, it makes your patient’s lives more convenient too. Instead of taking their prescription to another pharmacy they can get it fulfilled right there and then. It saves them time, which is a big positive point for you. It sets your business apart from others, making it more likely you’ll see an influx of patients. Another idea is to invest in some medical equipment that allows you to carry out certain tasks. For example, you could by an x-ray machine and carry out x-rays for patients. Normally, they’d have to go to a hospital to get this done. However, you can now charge for x-rays in your practice and increase your revenue. Sure, purchasing the equipment can cost a lot of money. However, think of it as an investment because it’s a solid way to bring in more money.

Apply these tips to your medical practice and start making more money today. Business will be booming, and your profit margins will shoot through the roof.

Here Comes The Rush! How To Ride It To Success, Not Ruin

Quality Customer Service

Of all the rules in business, perhaps the one that no-one would quibble with is that when people are giving you money, it’s positive. As long as it’s not coming in the form of a bail-out loan, there’s no downside there, right? And yet, we know that there are contrarians out there who will seek to argue black is white. They’re so persistent, you can’t win against them. But even they couldn’t argue that doing a lot of business fast is a problem. Right?

Well, this is awkward. You see, it’s great to have money coming in, it really is. But if you’ve ever worked on the floor in a company dealing with a rush, you’ll know that it leads to a lot less smiling than you’d expect. At the end of every day, there are pats on the back for a job well done. But the speed at which business has to be done just to cope with it can be hair-raising.

Think of it like a river. If you think about it in the simplest way, you’d stand by a river and say “Hey, that’s a lot of water. Good job, river! Irrigating crops and whatnot. Enjoy the sea!”.

But after a period of sustained heavy rainfall, with the river looking like bursting its banks, we know that’s not ideal. Those same crops can be ruined. Some of the river will not make it to the sea but could end up flooding a town.

A business that gets a real spike in its numbers without being ready for it is like that little river that takes on too much rain. All of a sudden, your mind switches from “Wow, look at all the money!” to “Oh, no. This is carnage.” And while we’re all looking down the barrel of Christmas, this isn’t just a festive thing. A sustained rush can happen at other times of year – so you need to be ready to deal with it.

The question, of course, is how? If you’re a relatively new business, then you may not have had the experience of dealing with that spike. If you haven’t done it before, how do you know you’ll deal with it in future? Well, you don’t know. You just have to give yourself every chance.

So, bearing in mind that we’re approaching the busiest point of the year, it makes sense to look at how. How can your business use the awesome might of this rush for good rather than bad? These tips will help you ensure that the crops are irrigated rather than drowned. Be warned: this will take hard work!

Step 1: Make Sure You’re Prepared To Fulfill Orders

Whatever it is you do, whatever you sell, you’ve got a delivery system in place – presumably. If your business isn’t yet live, then you know you have to have that in place at least. Now, you’ll probably have factored into that plan what you expect to sell in a day, a week, a month. To make sure you can do that, you need to have a reliable way of delivering within an acceptable time period.

During a rush, that’s when you can expect that system to be tested to its maximum capacity. It’s when there is the greatest chance for it to fail, too. Put simply, this is when the banks are being broken. Can you be sure that you have the time and the infrastructure to fulfill all those orders? You need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of every second of work.

Do you have enough stock to fulfill orders? If not, can you get it quickly? Do you send out deliveries yourself? If so, do you buy stamps in bulk or take orders to the post office to send? You could save a lot of time and money buying postage online – offered by this site and similar. That time could be the difference between your system bending and breaking.

Step 2: Make Sure You’ve Got A Plan For Slippage

Every business that delivers products or services has a promise to its customers. “Delivery will be made within [x] days” is the standard form. And with luck, you will meet that deadline even when there is a rush on. But if there is a possibility that you won’t, you need to be upfront with the customer. This means saying on your website that you are dealing with a high volume of orders, and service may be affected.

That’s part one of what you have to do – you also need to be aware that the higher demand will put stress on your website. Have a page ready to put up on your site reflecting this, and make it informative. Importantly, give contact details that allow the customer to reach you in a number of ways. The fact there’s a rush on shows that this order means a lot to them, too. Do all you can to reassure them it’s a priority.

Along with all of this, bear in mind that there may be a necessity to compensate some customers for late delivery. Many won’t even expect this compensation but offer it anyway. If you’re dealing with a rush of orders, you’re also dealing with a rush of profits – so it’s a good time to be magnanimous.

Step #3: Prioritize Your Human Resources

If you’re a single trader, then you’re the admin department, order fulfillment, and marketing section. You’re also customer services, distribution, and accounts. So it might be hard to move yourself to a different department to cope with a rush. However, if your company has all of these departments, a rush of orders will disproportionately affect one or two of them.

Call for extra hands from the other departments to help in those most affected. This may then leave a shortfall in other departments, so use extra staff from further down the chain. There is no point in sending someone from order fulfillment to help with a rush in distribution, for example. You may need to ask people if they can stay later, and pay overtime or bonuses. But again, the rush of profits – focus on the positive here.

It may even be a case of just getting a few extra people on the phones to speak to customers who are concerned about a delayed order. Customers don’t like getting their items late but understand that it sometimes happens. What they hate is not being able to find out why, when the items will arrive, or if the seller even cares. Waiting on hold for half an hour and then not being dealt with respectfully really fires them up.

Step #4: Take On Temporary Staff

Most businesses take on seasonal staff around Christmas, aware that there will be a rush of new custom. It’s inevitable at that point, as people look for presents, seek to make their home appropriate for visitors and so on. It’s on a temporary basis, and that employment may end on the 2nd of January. But the seasonal workers are happy to get paid and the businesses happy to have the help.

Whether your rush is down to Christmas, or any other reason, having a few extra hands can be what it takes to stop a crisis developing. They don’t need to be permanent. That said, if the conditions remain favorable financially, they may be needed. The idea that every successful business grew exactly according to the original plan is nice, but unrealistic.

There will be temp agencies in your local area, who you can contact to place ads and call people from their lists. You can go direct yourself, advertising on site for people to come in and help with the level of demand. You can flyer in the area, conduct interviews on site and get people in place. It’s better to take action now than expect everything to calm and leave yourself totally unprepared.

It is only with the smart use of your resources and the ability to recognize where things need to improve that you can make a rush into a triumph. That’s what it should be. The banner headline here needs to be that you’re doing so well it made things harder. In the long term this is a good thing, as long as you learn the lessons.

Businesses are not the same as human beings, but they most certainly share characteristics. You can see this for yourself just by phoning customer service departments for a few different companies. While one department may be staffed by people who will move Heaven and Earth for you, another may seem offended that you even called. Your business needs to be calm under pressure and resourceful.

Even the MVP quarterback throws an interception every once in awhile. You don’t want to know how many cheesecakes Martha Stewart had to toss in the garbage. Pressure, and unfamiliar circumstances can give any business a hard time. But it’s the manner in which you deal with it that makes you stand out. Make sure it’s for the right reasons.

The Right Way To Kick-Start Your Brand

Kick Start Your Brand

Whether you’re trying to make it as a self-employed freelancer or you’re launching a conventional start-up, you’re not going to make it far without devoting some time and resources to your branding. Taking the first steps here can be a little daunting, especially if you’re not really the creative type. However, after understanding a few founding principles of modern marketing, forming a strong brand can quickly become much simpler than you’d expect. Here are a few simple ways to give your brand that initial kick start.

Generate and Publish Great Content

If you’ve been reading other business blogs and journals for some time, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” more than a few times. There’s a reason why this little maxim is so commonplace – it’s true! You need to be applying this concept to your brand in the most effective way possible if you want to start drawing in customers and keeping them close in the future. While frequency is important, it’s only one little part of the equation. Your content needs to be good to reel in any decent leads. If your articles, videos, or anything else are too on-the-nose and read like a traditional ad, they’re not going to have the same impact. Once you’ve figured out how much content you can realistically put out there on a regular basis, research some of your favorite brands, and try to pin down what makes their content marketing so appealing.

Polish Your Platforms

Content should always be the first thing on your mind when you’re trying to get a brand off the ground for the first time. However, if it’s presented through shoddy, unprofessional platforms, it may all be for nothing! You need to make sure that the methods you’re using to present your content to your target market are just as attractive and high-quality as the content itself. If your social media pages are lacking information and detail compared to those of your close competitors, go through yours systematically and make sure everything’s there. If your web page has still got the generic, template look of the blog platform you’re using, then consider hiring in a professional web designer. Other, smaller things can really polish the outward appearance of your brand, like forward post mail with an address in a more prestigious area.

Host a Focus Group

Although some people associate focus groups with larger, more established brands, there’s no reason that a start-up can’t or shouldn’t carry one out. Focus groups are a fantastic way to kill two birds with one stone; you’ll be able to spread brand awareness, all the while researching a small chunk of your target market and what they really want from companies like yours. If your business is in its infancy, then start off with friends, friends of friends, and your family. Because you’re familiar with them, it will be easier to bounce suggestions off of them, and for them to make criticisms comfortably. If you execute it properly, a focus group can be a fantastic method for giving your brand a kick-start.

Be A Rogue Trader: Marketing Tactics To Make Your Business Stand Out

Marketing is a tricky business all in itself. Once you have determined what your business idea is going forward, you then have to find the right way of getting your business to sell its image before you can sell its products. The place where you need to begin is the marketing strategy. If you don’t have one in place, it will really help with your business. It is best to look at a marketing strategy as not one big overwhelming task. But rather a collection of smaller ones. The basic bullet points are:

  • Creating or implementing resources.
  • Increasing the visibility of the company. Or generating leads.
  • Choosing the correct platforms for mass exposure on social media.
  • Delivering and producing the content.
  • Keeping up to date with current market trends or updates in technology.

Establishing a marketing plan using these five key areas will give you a more solidified goal. It will reduce the dreaded cracks in your marketing strategy.

The third bullet point is one to focus on. The importance of appearing on different and varied platforms, from Instagram to Twitter, should be common knowledge. Getting a strong social media following is a key indicator of your success as a business and as a brand. A way to help build up a solid customer base and to give your business the edge is to go on a website like When it comes to getting on different platforms, there are three things you can create:

A Smartphone App

Smartphone App

This is practically the main way people communicate now. Everyone on the morning commute is staring at their screens, so why don’t you get your business in their faces? People spend two hours a day just staring at their phones. So getting a business app, or an advert that appears on an app is an excellent method to communicate with customers. Making an app that is fun, educational or both that is linked to your business will help stick in the minds of customers a lot more. So if for example, you sold musical instruments, you could have a music quiz or a little fun fact file about certain songs.

If you have an ad or an app that is designed well, it will stand out and leave a good impression.

Start A Podcast

Podcasting is now such a lucrative market that people are becoming incredibly successful by having a standard bit of equipment and having something to say, no matter how uninteresting it is to the vast majority of the population! There are two things that you can do to become successful in the world of podcasting. You could start your own podcast, where you could do weekly talks on certain business processes or maybe have a different guest on each week. The best podcasts are a good mix of entertainment and education. So bear that in mind!

The other method would be to sponsor an already existing podcast. A lot of newer podcasts will tend to look for a sponsor. So if you found a suitable one to sponsor, this can be a great way to get your name out there. And you could have a special offer for those that listen to the podcast to actually gauge a bit more understanding of the amount of people you are reaching.

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