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5-star rating for guest posting

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How to Use Newly Transferred Domain (from GoDaddy to Namecheap) in your .blogspot Blog

This tutorial combines the two articles:

How To Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap
How to Use NameCheap Domain Name on your .blogspot Blogs

How To Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap


How to Setup Domain used in Blogspot from GoDaddy to Namecheap

If you have successfully transferred your domain name used in Blogspot from GoDaddy to Namecheap, you will be able to see it in your Namecheap account.
1. Click Transfer DNS Back to Us under General sidebar menu.

2. Click All Host records under Host management

3. Change existing domain name server registration.
By default, it is set to specify custom DNS server and using goDaddy DNS.

4. Select “Use Namecheap Hosting DNS Servers”.

5. Click “Save Changes”.

Proceed to this tutorial:

How to Use NameCheap Domain Name on your .blogspot Blogs

How To Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to NameCheap

Here are the steps on how to transfer a domain name from GoDaddy to Namecheap:

How to get your EPP code or Authorization code from GoDaddy?

1. Login to your GoDaddy account.
2. Click “My Account” and go to “Domains”.
3. Look for the domain that you would like to transfer to NameCheap and click the “Launch” button.
4. To Unlock the domain, click the “Manage” link for Locked status. Uncheck to unlock.
5. Look for Authorization Code and click “Send by Email” link.

How to start the domain transfer from GoDaddy to NameCheap?
1. Once you have received your Authorization code from GoDaddy, go back to NameCheap’s email asking for it and click the link where you have to enter the EPP code/Authorization code.
2. Copy/Paste the EPP code/Authorization code and click the “Submit EPP code >>” button.
You will then get this message:
EPP code submitted
EPP code has been submitted successfully. You should receive your transfer approval email within the next 24 hours.

3. Follow the steps in the transfer approval email. You have to click the given link to continue the transfer process.

4. You will be directed to a page asking for approval. Select ‘I Approve’ to allow domain transfer.

GoDaddy will then send you a Confirmation of Registrar Transfer Request. You can still accept or decline this transfer through your GoDaddy dashboard.

And to expedite the transfer:
1. Login to your GoDaddy account.
2. Click “My Account”.
3. Under “Products”, click +Domains.
4. Go to “Transfers” tab.
5. Click the “Launch” button of the domain you are about to transfer.
6. Click “Accept/Decline” button.
7. Select the “Accept” radio button.
8. Clik Ok.

Namecheap will notify you via email once the domain transfer has been completed.

Picking A Promotional Compendium For Your Marketing Campaign

These days, more and more companies are learning to take advantage of giving out promotional items to help increase their sales output. The competition in the corporate industry is becoming more and fiercer as the years go by and with the economy looking unfavorable; getting more and more customers is becoming a serious challenge. One of the most effective promotional item that companies have been taking advantage of are promotional compendiums. Here are some of promotional compendiums that you may want to consider as promotional items.

Leather Compendiums: This is perhaps the best compendium that you could give out to your customers however; this can be a costly promotional item. On the brighter side of things, leather compendiums are durable, and at the same time, offer superior quality. If you are looking for a more budget version then you could opt for a bond leather compendium and this option should work when you are using this as a promotional item.

Promotional Compendiums

PU Leather Compendium: Though this is more often offered internally, a PU leather compendium can still be a promotional item. This may not be at par when it comes to durability and quality as compared to a genuine leather compendium but a PU leather compendium can do the job while being less expensive. On the other hand, giving this to your employees can help build employee loyalty which can motivate them better to work hard for the company.

Nylon and Microfiber: If your target market is mostly people who have an active outdoor lifestyle then you may want to offer this promotional compendium instead. At the same time, a nylon-made compendium is more affordable as compared to a leather compendium. Not to mention that this is easier to carry and flexible which is an asset since it allows you to fit files in it.

Using promotional compendiums is a good way of building rapport with your target market. It will make them feel that you want to keep their business.

How to Open A Payoneer Account

A Payoneer card (with funds on your account) is like your debit card! You can use it anytime you want! Aside from UnionBank EON Account, Payoneer is also a reliable blogger’s partner in making money online.

Why signup for a Payoneer account?

1. Receive funds through different flexible methods.
2. Acceptable payment method of Upwork and ShareASale
3. Can be used for cashless shopping
4. You can withdraw your funds through a local bank
5. Quick processing

Steps: SignUp for a Payoneer Account!

1. Go to www.payoneer.com. Provide your name and email address.

Easy Payoneer Signup

2. Complete your contact details. .

Easy Payoneer Signup
3. Choose a username and password then set your security question.

Easy Payoneer Signup
4. Declare your ID for verification.

Easy Payoneer Signup

Your application will be reviewed after submission. Make sure to check your email from time to time.

Easy Payoneer Signup

Disclaimer: If you signup using my affiliate link, both of us will get $25 once you received at least $100 payment.

Make Money Online: Getting Started with ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

The easiest (but I hope not the most negative) way for me to describe affiliate marketing to a clueless person is it’s like “networking” — you earn through sales and through referrals.

Basically, it is a kind of performance-based marketing wherein affiliates get rewarded for every valid transaction which can be in the form of clicks, signup, purchase, or other actions that the merchant would like to compensate you for.

There are many ways to earn through affiliate marketing and you will learn most of them along the way. It would be easier to explain if you have your own affiliate account and I recommend ShareASale. A lot of people have invited me to join through ClickBank before but I wasn’t that interested, or maybe, I wasn’t convinced. I thought that it would be time consuming and pointless. But with ShareASale, I changed my mind. I just learned that there are easier and quicker ways to earn cash. If ever you feel the same, sign up now. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you need assistance.

Join ShareASale by following these steps…

5 Quick Steps to Earn Through Affiliate Marketing

1. Choose your username and password.

Easy ShareASale Signup Process
2. Indicate your main website and answer the questions about it.

Easy ShareASale Signup Process

Easy ShareASale Signup Process

3. Provide your email address.

Easy ShareASale Signup Process

4. Complete your contact information.

ShareASale Signup Process
5. Set your preferred payment method.

Easy ShareASale Signup Process

Once you are done with the signup process, you will get a confirmation email. You also have to wait for few days to receive a notification email if your application is approved or declined.

Reasons to Join ShareA Sale

  • You can join for free as an affiliate.
  • It has lots of good-paying merchants.
  • It provides you with tutorial and tracking tools.
  • Getting links are easy and the banners are really great to encourage sale.
  • You can get paid easily as soon as you earn $50!
  • You can get your payment through direct deposit or Payoneer.

Stay tuned for my next post – Earn Fast from ShareASale: High-Paying Merchants to Consider!

Disclaimer: If you join ShareASale through the links provided here, I will earn $1. In return, I can guide you how to earn real cash from ShareASale. Contact me: [email protected]

The Best Ways to Reach More Clients

The strategies with which businesses reach out to their clients, both attracting new ones and retaining their old ones, have changed dramatically since the arrival of the internet and social media. But whether you choose to interact directly with face to face meetings or video conferencing, making your business product familiar to your potential customers will always be relevant.

Low-tech is sometimes most effective

In today’s digital world, we sometimes forget that the oldest methods are often the most effective. If you havea small, local hairdressing or massage business, for example, try targeting the local community with flyers, perhaps offering a discount if they bring along the flyer to their first session. Even in the fast-paced worlds of banking and finance, it’s good to get out there and make yourself known.

Making use of new technology

After years in the domain of nerds and geeks, large corporations have finally realized the power of the internet and social media in terms of marketing a new product and reaching out to customers. Now, it’s not just old school friends who have pages on Facebook; businesses large and small are using social media to spread news and images across the social media grapevine, exploiting the public’s need to “like” things, and the complex analytical software now available that makes it easy to target individual customers.

All clients are important

Remember that even the most successful businesses started from the ground up. What all of them have in common is that they never took their client base for granted. Throughout history, it is the colorful, outgoing entrepreneurs that we remember; many successful businessmen have a touch of the showman about them, using a blend of sheer tenacity, incredible hard work, a charismatic personality and outstanding sales techniques to get themselves noticed and to keep customers coming back.

Building up a loyal client base

It’s not enough to attract your clients’ attention on one occasion; you have to retain their interest and win their loyalty. Just like those distant family relatives, it’s all about keeping communication active, whether on social media, with a regular newsletter in their inbox, or with face to face contact.

Charitable donations

Lord Laidlaw, a successful Scottish businessman, is well known for his charitable work. Laidlaw started out with a small publishing house, which he purchased in 1973, shortly after graduating from Columbia Business School. When he finally sold the business in 2005, it had grown into IIR, the world’s largest conference organizer – an area he continues to concentrate on.

Laidlaw has contributed sizable amounts to help disadvantaged young people all over the world. His scholarship donation to Columbia Business School of $2 million in early 2015 will help others gain access to the kind of education he had himself, as well as increasing travel opportunities for those of limited means.

Running a business is a lot of work, but don’t get so caught up in other tasks that you neglect your client base. Clients are the most important resource for all businesses, and deserve the very best of attention if they are not to look elsewhere.

Extending Your Online Business’ Network Through Subtle Content Marketing

Guest posting is one of the most effective strategy that bloggers these days have learned to take advantage of. Nowadays, it is no longer enough for bloggers to just continuously update their blogs with articles based on their personal opinion or experiences on various subject matters. Search engines’ algorithms have adjusted that they are more particular about relevance and originality of contents as well as updates on a bloggers website.

Guest Posting

Guest posting provides a lot of advantages for the blogger such as:

Authority: One of the most important factors that contents of blogs should have would be quality. It is vital that the blogger produce original content as well as reliable information about a particular subject matter. Doing so can potentially increase readership on your blog since the more accurate and reliable your information is, the more likely you will get people asking you to write for them in exchange for them writing for you. This means that you get to exchange back links with them because you are perceived as an authority when it comes to a particular subject matter. 

Exposure: When you are perceived as an authority of a particular subject matter or niche, and people have started requesting for guest posts from you or ask to write on your website, then you will get more exposure. Just imagine how many people are reading blogs of those whom you had guest posted on and how many of them would be curious about your blog which can lead them into visiting your site. And who knows? A couple of these visitors may want you to guest post for them in exchange for back links. 

Social Network Advantage: In this time and age a lot of people are often connected to the internet and are often found enjoying themselves in various social media like Facebook or Twitter. And one of the things that people in social networking sites enjoy tend to do is share images and or stories and or anything they feel is relevant in their lives or something that they feel reflects their ideals and beliefs. Guest posting will give you the opportunity to have your work published on a blog that may possible be shared by some visitors in their social circle which in turn can potentially lead them to your website which helps increase traffic and then increase the chances of someone offering to write a guest post or ask a guest post from you. 

Encouragement: Guest posting helps extend your social networks because guest posting also begets guest posting. There will always be someone out there who will be encouraged to guest post on your site as well as invite you to guest post on their site thanks to the quality content that you are posting on a regular basis. With social networking sites just a few clicks away, it is only a matter of time before people gets encouraged and starts writing for you or exchanging back links with you. 

Overall, guest posting offers a lot of opportunities for a blogger to extend his or her network through such advantages.

Blogger Custom Domain: How to Add Second CNAME on Namecheap

Here is How to Use NameCheap Domain Name on your .blogspot Blogs!

But unlike before, Blogger will ask you to update DNS settings with the two CNAMES provided:

add second cname on namecheap

Note that second CNAME varies for each domain name.

So here is how your setup should look like:

cname alias verification

Don’t forget to save your new DNS settings.

Wait for 10 minutes or so before you save the changes on your Blogger dashboard since it will take time for the Namecheap changes to take place.

Guest Posting Opportunity at Make More Money Online (M3O)

Guest Posting Opportunity

Interested to submit a guest post?

Here are the requirements:
Guest posting must be a win-win scenario for everyone. I would like to inform you that I am not just after the content because I can actually write my own.
Fellow readers, if you want to guest post you must:
1. Like Make More Money Online on Facebook
2. Follow @lizmoneyweb on Twitter
Unliking or unfollowing will result to deletion of published guest post.
Then you can send your pitch or your articles to [email protected]

1. Articles must be more than 500 words and related to my niche. Article must be original, engaging and relevant.
2. Only one link allowed and it will be placed in the author bio. Relevant links only. No links to casino, pharma and adult sites.
3. You must share or promote the link of the guest post. Then let me know the URL or link of sharing you’ve done.
4. If there are comments on your guest post, you are required to reply to them.

Thank you and looking forward to your submission!

Note: Guest posting is open from April 1-30, 2015 only.

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