Make Money from Review Stream Referral Program

Thanks to my Review Stream referrals, I earned additional $6 that helped me reach the minimum payout of $50. (I’ve been inactive in writing reviews for months now while busy attending to my dozen blogs. But because of accepted reviews from my referrals, I managed to get this far.) I just sent a payment request and waiting for the $51 to be credited on my account.

ReviewStream Payment Request

Payment is on my way!

If you have a Review Stream account, you may refer your friends for extra earnings. Use your email address to request for referral link here.

ReviewStream Referral Program

ReviewStream Referral Program

Review Stream will pay you flat referral fee in the amount of 1% from the regular rate for every review published by the reviewer you referred.
– If referred reviewer gets paid the regular rate, we will pay you 1% from that regular rate.
– If referred reviewer gets paid the bulk rate, we’ll still pay you the same 1% based on regular rate.
– Referral payment will be added to your account immediately on every publication.

Since current rate is $2.5, expect a $0.25 credit on your account per accepted review.

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Review Stream: 10 Tips To Make More Money By Writing Reviews
3 Easy Steps to Make More Money from Review Stream

Write review and get paid with Review Stream!

Review Stream: 10 Tips To Make More Money By Writing Reviews

Review Stream Approved Reviews

Earn money by writing reviews!

Making money with Review Stream is very easy. As a matter of fact, what inspired me to write this post is my friend who just got her first review approved!

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But hey, I am not writing this to ask for your votes nor to promote my own reviews. But if you find it helpful, one click will surely make her happier.

It feels good to see someone being inspired and all geared up all because of you. Right now, I am so happy to see few people being moved by my own story of making money online. My first payout came from Review Stream and that was more than $50 US dollars. I have posted the 3 Easy Steps to Make More Money from Review Stream before so now let me share more tips.

1. Write an honest review. It is not enough to mention the features of your brand new cellphone or camera. Discuss it. What do you love most about it? How did it change your life? Add a personal touch to your reviews.

2. Promote your review. Every vote counts in Review Stream. Share your review via Facebook or Twitter and other social networking sites. You may also post the link on your blog or grab the widget/block from Review Stream Control Panel.

Review Stream’s Notes:
– The vote rate is subject to change and can be seen anytime on the home page below the regular rate.
– The minimum amount to be paid is USD 5.
– The total of the votes can be seen on every review page in real time.
– This program does not affect previous payment options and is an additional payment program.
– Different reviews votes are not summarized.

4. Don’t plagiarize. If you have reviewed a certain product somewhere else, refrain from using a portion of it here. Review Stream is strict in terms of certifying “that the review was written by you, not published anywhere and not copyrighted in any manner”.

3. Save a copy of your review. Since Review Stream may decline your review due to different reasons, having a copy of your reviews allows you to edit them and resubmit. I use Microsoft Word to easily see the word count and Notepad to correct the symbols.

5. Don’t check the check box for “I’m ready to get paid at the bulk rate”. It’s like you are settling for less.

6. Edit and resubmit rejected reviews. This time, you may check “I’m ready to get paid at the bulk rate”.

7. Avoid sales pitch or over promoting a service or product.

8. Observe proper grammar and correct use of punctuation marks.

9. Prioritize products that have high approval rates such as Cosmetics, Electronics, Medicine and Travel. You can review everything but reviews about these ones get approved more easily compared to your favorite chips and local soft drinks. Believe it or not, Review Stream is also earning from reviewers by driving traffic to their site through the reviews being published so they will definitely look for the things being searched by people in the web and return them as top search engine results.

10. Read my tips. You don’t have to spend much by shelling out extra money to contact Review Stream Tutors.

Write a review now and start making more money online!

3 Easy Steps to Make More Money from Review Stream

make money writing review

Make more money by reviewing anything!

Here are the detailed steps to get started (along with my earning tips):

1. Go to Review Stream to start submitting reviews and make more cash online.

2. Fill up the required fields. InĀ  Review Stream, you don’t have to create an account or sign up for them. They track reviews through email address in their control panel.
(RS NOTE: You can use either your real name or penname.
If you’re writing the review the first time, please check if your desired penname is available.)

Desired Penname: Your Choice
Penname: Same as above
Your Email: Email Registered for Paypal
Review Title: Title of Your Review – this should be the specific name of the product or service
Category: Select the category from the Drop Down List. Review Stream has high approval rates for Cosmetics, Electronics, Medicine and Travel Reviews. But then again, you can review everything here!

Location: This is required for reviews about restaurant and shopping.

Your Review: Make sure that your review is composed of 250 words or more. Reviews that are too short are automatically rejected.
Your Rating: Rate your review from 1 – 10. 1 = Worse, 10 = Excellent.
Contact Details: This is optional.
a. It is a must to agree with Terms and Conditions.
b. Certify that it is an original review. Plagiarism is a CRIME, self-plagiarizing is not an exemption. RS will terminate your account if you violate this very important rule.
c. You may opt for bulk rate if you feel that the review is not well-written. But I suggest to leave it unchecked since you can resubmit rejected reviews if you are ready to get paid in bulk.
Current rate is $2.50 per review so the bulk rate is $0.625.

3. Click “Submit” after proof-reading your review.
It usually takes 72 hours to receive feedback from Review Stream. They have a new system now. Unlike before that they send email notifications, they will just update you through their control panel. It looks like this:

To access the control panel, click here..Just enter your email address and you can see your review status. If you don’t have any approved review yet, you will get this message:We have no such account name in our system yet.
It will be created for you on the first review selling/buying.

It is very easy to reach the minimum payout of $50! Review Stream sends their payment through paypal and they do it really QUICK.

Review Stream Payment Proof

Review Stream Payment Proof

This article was originally posted on my BHO blog as:

Review Stream: Detailed Steps on How to Get Started

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