Paypal Payment Request: How to Request Money

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If you're doing online business, there would be times when people forget to pay you right away. The professional approach here is to send a friendly reminder. You can also send a payment request through Paypal. Here's how you can request payment through Paypal: 1. Login securely to your Paypal account. 2. Click the "Request Money" tab. 3. Click the "Request Money" button. 4. Fill up all the required field. You can request money from anyone with an email address in 190 countries and regions supported by PayPal. You can also bill customers even if they don’t have a PayPal account. 5. Click "Continue". You will be directed to the next page. 6. Review your request. To make some changes, click "Cancel". To send the request, click "Request Money". That's…
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Paypal Withdrawal Tip: Send Money To Your Bank

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With the dollar-peso exchange rate going down and with the prices of commodities going high, we really have to be smart in managing our finances. If you are earning online and celebrating every penny sent to your Paypal account, I guess the withdrawal timing can be critical. Since we have no control over the fluctuating conversion, what we can do is avoid or at least limit Paypal withdrawal fees. This is how you can withdraw your Paypal funds the easiest and most practical way: 1. Login to your account and click on WITHDRAW tab. That's just it, but wait! PayPal offers the following options for withdrawing funds from your PayPal account: See that amount encircled in pink? Yeah, for you to withdraw funds to your card it will cost you…
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How to Transfer More Money from oDesk to Paypal

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Have you ever asked: How to withdraw earnings from oDesk? I've got you covered here: 1. Check your current balance and/or pending payment: Mine: 2. Select how would you like to withdraw funds. You can do so using ODESK card or through Paypal. Here are other mode of payments. I chose Paypal by the way. 3. After confirming the amount and mode of withdrawal, you will see the transaction status: 4. Check you email account to know if payment has been sent: 5. Log in to your Paypal account to check your new account balance: Confirmed! That's really great. Time to send it to my EON account. Note: This article was originally posted on my BHO blog as How to Withdraw Earnings from ODESK.
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Know the Best Time to Withdraw Your Funds to Make More Money

EON Card, Make More Money, Paypal, Tips and Tricks
When is the best time to withdraw your funds from Paypal? Now that you're earning dollars, every cent will count so it is important to know the exchange rates of your respective banks. For me, the most convenient and reliable is Union Bank where my EON Cyber Account is associated with. I've been monitoring the exchange rates before the election up to date, a forex trader in the making. [caption id="attachment_51" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Dollar to Peso Rate"][/caption] I've made a withdrawal from Paypal to my bank on the highlighted date because as you can see, that's the highest rate so far. I believe it even reached $1=45.86 within this week. Due to time constraints and schedule conflicts, I'm just just checking the rate at a random time in a daily…
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Paypal and EON Card: Tools To Make More Money

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How to link your Paypal account to your Unionbank EON Cyberaccount? Here's how: A. Signing up @ - Log on to and click on SIGN UP. - Create your PERSONAL account by clicking the "Getting Started" Button. - Fill up all te required fields in the registration form. Dont worry about linking your credit/debit card. You can always update your account once you have created it. - Click on "I agree, create my account" button. - Check your email for confirmation and follow the prompts or log back to B. Applying for EON card (Union Bank) Currently, the site it not accepting online application so you have to go to the nearest Union Bank branch and apply for EON card. Make sure you have photocopies of your…
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