May 2012 Page Rank Update After The Google Penguin Update

Blogging, Search Engine Optimization
Google recently rolled out the so-called Penguin update which aims to clean out webspam though it originally focused on over-optimization. While there are people busy sending complaints since the impact is more than the claimed 3.1% of search queries, Google launched another update and this time, it's about the PR. The huge Google Penguin update has a large impact on "commercial transactional keywords worth a lot of money" category according to Make More Money Online's ranked keywords remain intact so I've got no problem with that and the same holds true with page rank - still PR2. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Check your site's PR!"][/caption] Eight of my blogs increased their PR by one. The rest retained their page rank. My 40 sites are playing around PR0-PR2. How's your…
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How to Get High PR Links

Link Building, Tips and Tricks
Almost every webmaster wants to achieve a high page rank for his or her website. Even bloggers are striving hard to increase the PR of their blogs. Indeed, having high PR is very beneficial not only in terms of revenue. It also opens a lot of online opportunities that can give you a worthwhile experience. One way to achieve high page rank is to get backlinks from High PR Links. Authority sites usually have higher rankings. But being linked to such websites is very challenging. With this, another option is to join a network of high PR sites. Here are few things to do when trying to get high PR links from a network: 1. Check if PR is real and valid. 2. Choose unique domains or self-hosted blogs. 3.…
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November 2011 Page Rank Update Right After Google Freshness Update

Blogging, Tips and Tricks
Is Google making your life miserable? I hope not. Yes, Google has the tools, power and resources to make or break us but we must be versatile to cope with the changes. I'm lucky enough to keep this blog's current PR. Make More Money Online is still PR2 while some of my other blogs' PR decreased by one. PR3 goes PR2, PR2 goes PR1 and so on. It doesn't hurt me that much because I have new blogs that gained PR - from being PR0 to PR1. Same old trend. My Tech blog goes PR2 from PR1, two of my beauty blogs are now PR1, one webmaster site goes PR1 and the rest keeps fluctuating. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Did your Page Rank go up? or down?"][/caption] Who are most…
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Make More Money Online (M3O) is now PR2!

Earning Online, Tips and Tricks
I don't know when Google released the PR update but I'm so happy that most of my blogs have higher PR now! In fact, Make More Money Online (launched last April 2010) has a page rank of 2 now! It used to be PR0. [caption id="attachment_496" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Higher PR for Make More Money Online"][/caption] My only means of advertising this site is through Adgitize and Entrecard. But if you want to know how Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed reached PR4, feel free to run through its archives or click random categories/labels on that blog. Enjoy earning online! Later on, I will be sharing some helpful tips on how to increase your site's page rank.
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