How to Use Newly Transferred Domain (from GoDaddy to Namecheap) in your .blogspot Blog

This tutorial combines the two articles: How To Transfer Domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap How to Use NameCheap Domain Name on your .blogspot Blogs   How to Setup Domain used in Blogspot from GoDaddy to Namecheap If you have successfully transferred your domain name used in Blogspot from GoDaddy to Namecheap, you will be able to see it in your Namecheap account. 1. Click Transfer DNS Back to Us under General sidebar menu. 2. Click All Host records under Host management 3. Change existing domain name server registration. By default, it is set to specify custom DNS server and using goDaddy DNS. 4. Select "Use Namecheap Hosting DNS Servers". 5. Click "Save Changes". Proceed to this tutorial:
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How to Open A Payoneer Account

How-To, Make More Money
A Payoneer card (with funds on your account) is like your debit card! You can use it anytime you want! Aside from UnionBank EON Account, Payoneer is also a reliable blogger's partner in making money online. Why signup for a Payoneer account? 1. Receive funds through different flexible methods. 2. Acceptable payment method of Upwork and ShareASale 3. Can be used for cashless shopping 4. You can withdraw your funds through a local bank 5. Quick processing Steps: SignUp for a Payoneer Account! 1. Go to Provide your name and email address. 2. Complete your contact details. . 3. Choose a username and password then set your security question. 4. Declare your ID for verification. Your application will be reviewed after submission. Make sure to check your email from time…
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Extending Your Online Business’ Network Through Subtle Content Marketing

Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing
Guest posting is one of the most effective strategy that bloggers these days have learned to take advantage of. Nowadays, it is no longer enough for bloggers to just continuously update their blogs with articles based on their personal opinion or experiences on various subject matters. Search engines’ algorithms have adjusted that they are more particular about relevance and originality of contents as well as updates on a bloggers website. Guest posting provides a lot of advantages for the blogger such as: Authority: One of the most important factors that contents of blogs should have would be quality. It is vital that the blogger produce original content as well as reliable information about a particular subject matter. Doing so can potentially increase readership on your blog since the more accurate…
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High Quality Traffic at a Reasonable Price

Getting free website traffic seems to be a bit challenging these days. While SEO tricks can work for you to give you organic traffic, there are also faster ways to get more traffic. Of course utilizing social media is a big yes to spread the word about your site and possibly direct traffic as you create an online buzz, but sometimes, it is not enough. Because there is a need for high quality traffic, there are sites which are venturing into web traffic business just like It offers quality website traffic thereby increasing your sales, cpa conversions and improving search engine rankings and alexa rankings. It allows you to get real and guaranteed traffic to your website for as low as $9.99. There are also different traffic packages to…
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How to Add Homepage-only Links on WordPress Blogs

Advertising, How-To, Tips and Tricks
Selling textlinks is one way to earn from your blogs. You will encounter different direct advertisers and some of them have their own rules or specifications for link placement. One example is setting the links as homepage only. This means that the link will not be visible in any other pages of your site except for the homepage. By default, sidebar links in WordPress are globally visible or sitewide. You have to add some PHP codes to set a specific link with homepage only attribute. Here's the code: <?php if(is_home() && $post==$posts[0] && !is_paged()) { ?> "Insert homepage-only link or content here" <?php } ?> This script will work on .php files in the theme Editor but not on widgets. For sidebar files coded in php, you can simply add…
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How to Setup a New WordPress Blog with Fantastico De Luxe

Blogging, How-To, Web Hosting
If you have a domain name from GoDaddy and have a cPanel account, here are the steps to follow to setup a new WordPress blog with Fantastico De Luxe: 1. Login to your GoDaddy account and change the nameservers of your domain name to the new nameservers from your webhosting provider. Wait for the changes to take effect.  2. Add your domain to your cpanel account. Login to cpanel Under Domains, click Addon Domains Complete the required fields Click Add Domain 2. In the cpanel home, click Fantastico De Luxe. (Others have Softaculous) 4. In the new window, click "Wordpress" on the left navigation bar.  5. Click "New Installation". 6. Choose installation location and provide admin username and password. 7. Click the "Install WordPress" button. 8. Click "Finish Installation". Related…
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Paypal Payment Request: How to Request Money

How-To, Paypal
If you're doing online business, there would be times when people forget to pay you right away. The professional approach here is to send a friendly reminder. You can also send a payment request through Paypal. Here's how you can request payment through Paypal: 1. Login securely to your Paypal account. 2. Click the "Request Money" tab. 3. Click the "Request Money" button. 4. Fill up all the required field. You can request money from anyone with an email address in 190 countries and regions supported by PayPal. You can also bill customers even if they don’t have a PayPal account. 5. Click "Continue". You will be directed to the next page. 6. Review your request. To make some changes, click "Cancel". To send the request, click "Request Money". That's…
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How to Install WP Better Security Plugin to Avoid Hacking

Blogging, How-To, Wordpress Plugins
Having a security plugin for your blogs can strengthen its security. This way, you can avoid hacking incidents and malware infection. WP Better Security plugin offers the following key features: Strengthen standard WordPress security by hiding vital areas of your site Prevents brute-force access to important files via htaccess Protects login attempts Detects attack attempts Here's how to install WP Better Security Plugin: 1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard. 2. Click “Plugins”. 3. Click “Add New” to install new plugin. 4. Type “WP Better Security” in the search field and click “Search Plugins”. 5. Look for “WP Better Security” under the search result and click “Install Now”. 6. Click “Ok” when the installation prompt pops up. 7. Click the “Activate Plugin” link to activate the plugin. 8. To make some…
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Ways to Make Money Online

Blogging, Earning Online, Make More Money, Online Income, Online Jobs
Because of the increasing number of online opportunities, it is easier to earn extra income from the Internet right now. Here are some ways to make money online: 1. Making Money through Affiliate Marketing If you have a blog or website, you can earn through affiliate marketing by recommending products and referring people. You earn a certain commission based on the number of sales or referral. When promoting products or services, it is easier to market it to other people if you yourself is enjoying it. It would be better if you can find affiliate program that targets the same audience as your site. 2. Blogging for Profit Blogging and earning from it is one of the easiest and best ways of making money from home. Be passionate about what…
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Internet Market Research Made Easy with Statista Online

Business, Social Media Marketing, Technology, Tips and Tricks
Monitoring your site's performance is a must if you want to know if you are reaching your target or accomplishing your goals. There are different websites and tools that you can use to check site statistics. The big question is, which of them is the most reliable. Other problems that you might encounter with some online tools are slow loading page, inconsistent algorithm and paid subscription. Among the popular statistic checker online are Alexa and SEOMoz. These two provide helpful information about a website. However, these are limited information since SEOMoz requires you to have a PRO account for you to see everything as well as with Alexa which recommends you to signup and create an account first for a details report. There are even other services offered as you…
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