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    Strategic Targets

    Specialized in the manufacturing and trade of industrial and coated fabrics,Jinda will strive to be a world-leading manufacturing and trading enterprise in the next five to ten years by speeding up the mechanism of attracting and cultivating technically professional talents and outstanding management staff, quickening the step of technical renovation, developing the upstream and downstream business on the basis of the present production, forming an integrated industrial production chain and realizing the trans-regional and trans-sector sustainable development.

    Corporate Motto

    Corporate leaders: to set an example for the staff and workers, to take the lead in doing everything, to make decisions on the scientific basis and to attach importance to efficiency.

    Middle Level Management: to inspire enthusiasm, to keep pace with the time, to take the initiative in their own hands so as  to make renovations  and to do everything in a down-to- earth way so as to strive  for high efficiency. 

    Sales Personnel: to make business friends by integrity and efficiency, to conduct and develop business harmoniously, to promote business intelligently and emotionally and to build up business relationship on the win-win basis. 

    Purchasing Personnel: to work diligently, cleanly and honestly, to protect the corporate interests in the price negotiation, to develop purchasing sources and to practice economy, to make the purchase with favorable price and fine quality.     

    Technical personnel: to think scientifically, to work assiduously, to make renovations by following the principle of seeking truth from facts and to attach importance to technical results.

    Managing Staff: to attach importance to harmony, to integrate themselves with the grass root workers, to be strict with management and to act fairly

    Superintendents: to take job posts as home, to strengthen management, to do the daily routines well and to be always prepared for tomorrow

    Corporate staff and workers: to love their job posts, to base themselves on their own jobs, to pay attention to both production and quality and to improve efficiency and output.   

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