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I am not a full-time online earner, therefore, I just make extra money from what I’m doing. Here are my recommended tops sites to earn extra income from the Internet:

1. Sponsored Reviews
You must have a blog to earn from Sponsored Reviews. As a blogger, you have the control over the advertisements of posts to appear on your site. Tasks are assigned after bidding. High PR and quality contents attract advertisers and it also gives you the right to bid higher.

2. The Content Authority
This is for article writers. Practice your freelancing skills here by writing an article that meets the client’s requirements. Just like Sponsored Reviews, you have full control over which task you’d like to take. There are plenty of topics to choose from and you can simple write about something that interests you. No pressure.

3. Review Stream
You can exercise the total freedom of expression here. Get paid by reviewing anything! The best earning site in terms of review submission.

As the name implies, a blog is a must. Unlike most paid posts which focus heavily on keyword, most if not all assignments are in free form. Write your usual blog post, be it personal or a thorough researched material, and you will get paid by inserting the required link in the specified keyword.

5. oDesk
Guarantees online income whatever your field of specialization is. oDesk is an online marketplace where employers and contractors work for the common goal – ensure a job well done at the right price. Browse their job listings and apply on the ones that interest you.

If you think they are arranged in no particular order, you’re wrong. Want to make a guess? They are sorted according to the amount of money I have earned from those sites, in ascending order.

Whether you decide to earn extra income online or want to work at home for a lifetime, checking those top 5 money making sites can greatly help you.

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