Welcome to oDesk Top Rated Program!

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Hello online earners! What's up? Any new online earning scheme you'd like to share? None from me. I've been busy with my night job and expensive hobbies so I've got no extra time to explore on new earning platform and the likes. Can't even update most of my blogs. But good news is, oDesk still recognizes me. I've ended some hourly contracts due to schedule conflict but life goes on with fixed-price projects. And I'm one of the TOP RATED freelancers. Big thanks to my business partners and loyal customers. Let's hope to get more clients! To know more about oDesk Top Rated program, click here.
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Find More Online Jobs with oDesk Customized Job Feed

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Receiving job alerts from oDesk is a good way to get updated with job postings even without logging in to the site. If you're fond of fixed-price jobs, you'll really appreciate this feature. I do! Since I rarely go for hourly jobs thus lesser time to stay logged in, I just check my email for job notifications. Of course I'm only receiving job updates from categories I'm interested with. I think oDesk improved their job search and job alert features. Now you can setup your job feed to be more organized. Here's how: Now, aside from the emails I'm getting, I can also get instant updates the moment I logged in through my customized job feed page. *Searches related to find online jobs work at home how to find legitimate…
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oDesk Officially Launched the New Navigation Bar

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="406" caption="Image courtesy of oDesk Blog"][/caption] For the past few days, I kept getting errors from oDesk such as "Service Temporarily Unvailable". Now I know what caused it - the most recent navigation changes. It used to be on "navigation beta" status but it was officially launched (relaunched) this 22nd of November 2011. For contractor's navigation overview, the major enhancements are the 3 redesigned tabs: Find Work, My Jobs and Wallet. I think these make things easier especially that the most common contractor's tasks are finding jobs, reviewing active contracts and checking payments or withdrawal of earnings. With the new navigation launched, it's easier to make more money online because verything is so organized!
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Free eBook: How to Make Money Online from oDesk

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Finally, I'll have something to give away before the year ends. To all M3O followers, subscribers and FB fans, thank you so much for all the support. Some of you might be bored reading blog posts about oDesk over and over again so I compiled it into a free eBook - Best oDesk Guide to Make More Money Online! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="307" caption="Start earning online!"][/caption] Now, earning online through oDesk becomes easier with this free guide! Download the eBook (zipped and hosted @MediaFire) and start making money from your computer. More free eBooks to come! Don't miss them! Subscribe now!   Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner    
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Earn from Blogging – How to Encourage Your Friend to Make More Money Online

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Would you quit your regular job to be a full-time blogger? Could online earnings surpass day job's pay and benefits? Would it be possible to have fixed work salary, passive income, sales commissions and miscellaneous earnings all at once? Answers lie within the Q&A portion below. About Blogging and Earning Online Q1: Is this thing full-time or can it be done on the side? A1: Both. Your choice. For starters, it would be better if you can start as part-timer. (Don't quit your job yet if you aren't sure of which path to take.) Let me elaborate by answering question #2. Q2: Say I give time to it, like eight hours a day. Minus the weekends. How much am I looking at earning in a month? A2: There are different…
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oDesk: 9 Easy Tips to Get Hired

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Have you read the latest oDesk newsletter? Are you reading the articles in the oDesk blog? If you'd like to be updated and want to become a more successful freelancer, then you should! Here's a screenshot from my inbox (click the image to enlarge): [caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="269"] oDesk: 9 Easy Tips for Getting Hired[/caption] Click here to read more and to activate the hyperlinks. 10 More oDesk Tips to make more money online: 7 oDesk Tips to Help You Make More Money Online Make Money Online: 3 More oDesk Tips
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Get More Online Jobs through oDesk ID Verified Program

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If you have more writing projects, definitely you can make more money online. It still depends on hourly rate or fixed-priced offer though. The good thing is that you can increase your chance of getting high-paying jobs in oDesk if you will get verified. Warning: This post has been sitting in my drafts since February 2011 (when oDesk ID Verified Program was first launched) and I just got time to edit it. All information are up-to-date. Read on... oDesk ID Verified is a secure and easy way for contractors to confirm their identities online. Contractors who become oDesk ID Verified will increase their job application quotas and receive added benefits and services including faster resolution of payment issues and disputes. With increased quotas, you can continue searching for online jobs…
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Why Do I Love to Make More Money From oDesk Fixed-Priced Jobs?

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Simply because I have a full-time job and the fixed-priced jobs at oDesk really work for me. [caption id="attachment_94" align="aligncenter" width="230" caption="There's cash in fixed-jobs!"][/caption] I choose fixed-price over hourly rate jobs at oDesk since I am a full-time Technical Support Engineer already. Working with Odesk is more of a sideline or creative past time. The good thing about fixed-price jobs is that you don't have to use the Odesk Application which includes work diary, screenshot and odesk team. This means that you can browse through several websites and do miscellaneous stuff without worries unlike with the HOURLY rate wherein your every move is being monitored. There is a risk though for accepting fixed-priced jobs. While the majority of oDesk projects end successfully, please keep a few things in mind:…
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How to Transfer More Money from oDesk to Paypal

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Have you ever asked: How to withdraw earnings from oDesk? I've got you covered here: 1. Check your current balance and/or pending payment: Mine: 2. Select how would you like to withdraw funds. You can do so using ODESK card or through Paypal. Here are other mode of payments. I chose Paypal by the way. 3. After confirming the amount and mode of withdrawal, you will see the transaction status: 4. Check you email account to know if payment has been sent: 5. Log in to your Paypal account to check your new account balance: Confirmed! That's really great. Time to send it to my EON account. Note: This article was originally posted on my BHO blog as How to Withdraw Earnings from ODESK.
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