NEST Consumers Disconnect From Pensions Market

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For many workers and professionals today, the word “pension” is typically not regarded as much as it was; say 40 to 50 years ago. Back then, having a pension is one of the main draws to working. It is what these employees can look forward to after years of hard work and service; a salary of sorts that they can depend on and expect, way after their working days have passed. But according to the National Employment Savings Trust or NEST, more and more consumers are beginning to feel a certain disconnect with pension, in particular the pension market and its providers. According to the report, NEST has found out that this has more to do with the consumer’s notion that these pension and trust providers cannot be trusted to…
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Forex Binary Option Trading

What is Forex? Forex is a foreign exchange (also known as FX or the currency market) which is a type of exchange for the worldwide, decentralized trading of international currencies.  A series of financial centers around the globe offer different places to trade, and buyers and sellers of all types use these trading posts in order to exchange currencies for potential profit. In recent years currency trading has become big business but it is no longer just for the rich and for professional wall st. traders. These days anyone can trade and profit from Forex. Binary Options are Different than Typical Forex Trades Typical Forex trades are about buying one type of currency with another type of currency. While this sort of trading does offer advantages, it doesn’t feature the…
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Financial Update

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The real's "dirty float" against the US dollar remains on track, with the Banco Central do Brazil manipulating the exchange rate to keep it mostly between R$2 and R$2.05 to US$1. It was more or less steady at that level for four months. In the first half of November however, the real was a little weaker, trading above R$2.05 for the first time since June. That slightly softer real cancelled out the weakness experienced by sterling, which moved two US cents lower between mid-October and mid-November. The net result was a GBP/BRL exchange rate of roughly 3.28 on 15 November, coincidentally almost exactly the same level as on 15 October and 15 September. It is not yet apparent whether or not the recent relative weakness of the real is the…
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