Hello everyone! Liz, the blog-addict here!

Just when I thought I can review my online protocols and improve my money-making techniques with Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed as my guide, it was disabled by Blogger.

I am not totally starting all over again since I have a back up of some posts with me. As for the images from my original and most loved blog, they’re all safe in Picasa album. I can refer to them when necessary.

The thought of losing a PR4 and a 5-year old blog is so disheartening but it can’t keep me from earning more. Let’s earn and learn together!

Update: M3o has stabilized! BHO has been restored, still PR4 while M3O is now PR2!

On a serious note, Make More Money Online (M3o) is ABOUT:

– online opportunities and money-making guidelines featuring oDesk, sponsored reviews, direct advertisers and other top earning sites.


For inquiries, feel free to email: liezl_7m5@yahoo.com


Image credits:

Proper credits are given to borrowed images. Most of them are from Google search and Microsoft  Images online database.

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