Your First Product Was A Success So Why Won’t Anybody Buy Your New Ones?

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You’ve come up with a great product idea, put it online and it’s selling like mad. A couple of months down the line, you’ve got a fully fledged ecommerce business and you’re making some good money. The next step is to expand your range and come up with some new product ideas, so that’s exactly what you did. The big day comes and you’re ready to launch your new product, you wait with baited breath for the orders to come in. But they don’t. Even though your first product was so successful, nobody seems interested in your new offering. It doesn’t make sense, it’s an incredible product so why doesn’t anybody want it?

Sell Your Products Quickly

It’s Not As Good As You Think

It’s not something that you want to admit but the product might not be as great as you first thought and that’s why nobody is interested. Even if you think that it’s amazing and it caters to a very real need, that doesn’t mean the general public will agree. That’s why it’s so important that you don’t get carried away and you take the time to test the product properly before putting it on the market. Make sure that you’re getting feedback from all sorts of different demographics and altering the product based on their feedback. Then you can be sure that you’ve got a product that people will actually be interested in.

Your Photos Are Bad

Maybe you were right, the product is great but if the pictures on your website don’t do it justice, the customer won’t realize just how good it is. Customers are going to base the majority of their decision on the photographs of the product so it’s vital that you get them right. Check out for details of how they could help you to take professional quality photographs for your ecommerce site that will show the full potential of your products and drive sales. Video demonstrations are also particularly good for products that have lots of different features so you can help customers to understand just how much they need it.

You’re Targeting The Wrong Market

If your new product appeals to the same demographic as your old one then you’ve already got plenty of marketing opportunities right there to take advantage of. However, if it’s something that appeals to a different demographic but you’re still marketing it at the same people as your other products, you won’t get anywhere. You need to start again and think about who exactly needs your product. Visit for information on finding the right target market. Once you start marketing it to people that are likely to be interested, you should start to see more sales.

It Costs Too Much

Even if your product is amazing and you’re targeting the right audience with it that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll buy it. If the price is unreasonable, even the best products won’t sell much. Think about whether you could lower the price and still make a profit. If you can’t, you might need to rethink the product because it’s too expensive to produce and you can’t sell it at a reasonable price.

Don’t give up your new product just yet, try making some of these changes and see whether it makes any difference.

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