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Develop and Awesome App

Apps are everywhere now and they are constantly being developed. Though many businesses use them as a way to bring in new business or to deliver content, there are a lot of businesses that just use the app to make money.

Though it helps to be a developer, all you really need is a good idea to get an app going. It’s never too late to change career and opening a new business and hiring in the talent could be just what you need to rejuvenate your lifestyle!

So what makes for a profitable app?

Finding a Niche

The first and most important part of any business is finding a niche. This can be tough in such a diverse marketplace but on the other hand, you have a lot of scope for doing something a little bit different.

On the face of it, many games are broadly the same from role play through to strategy. The difference is usually found in the storyline, graphics style or target market. This means that while you should be looking to do something different, you shouldn’t feel that you need to go in a completely different direction – the familiar is still appealing.

But games aren’t the only app and if you are already in marketing or produce plenty of content, you could easily develop something else. Health and wellbeing are very popular at the moment and lots of people are looking for apps to help them lose weight, get fit and feel good.  

Ensuring Your App is User Friendly

Whatever your app is, it must be user friendly. This means that people need minimal instruction to use the app and can find their way around intuitively. They must also be able to open the app quickly and be able to rely on speedy function. No-one likes to wait around while something loads so try to minimize the amount of time your app takes.

If you want to be sure about how your app is working, it is well worth getting a site like to test it out for you. They offer quality testing to ensure that your app functions as expected and to root out any issues. This is a great resource to use as it means that you won’t be scrabbling around fixing issues while you are trying to launch.

Creating Opportunities to Profit

Many apps are offered for free and then have opportunities for people to spend money in-app. In a game this might be the ability to buy ‘coins’ or the equivalent to speed up progression but in a content providing app, it might be greater access to ‘premium content’. Using this method is smart because it turns the app itself into a marketing opportunity.

The more people you can interest in your app at its free stage and the more enticing you can make in-app opportunities, the better you will do. Similarly, you can connect your app to social media sites to encourage friends to share the app and use it together.

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