Where To Invest Your Money?

bitcoin investment 2018

If you are looking to make some money through investing, then it can be a little tricky to know what to do with it. There are a lot of choices, but at first glance, they can all seem really complicated and unclear as to how they make you money. With that in mind, here are three places you can invest your money and the benefits of doing so.


Cryptocurrency is the new kid on the investment block. They rose to fame when Bitcoin hit news headlines around the world due to its massive increase in value. Since then, things have been shaky for almost every cryptocurrency. They are a volatile currency that seems to be just as likely to bomb as they are to hugely increase in value. This might mean that it not an enticing proposition for your money. However, if you can take the risk, then you might be able to make a massive amount of money relatively easily. Many investments will not be able to even come close the amount that you might be able to make in things like Bitcoin. You don’t need to understand how cryptocurrency works to understand that they can be a valuable investment. There are plenty of people who invested quite small sums into Bitcoin who became millions almost overnight. You could be one of those people. Do be aware, though, that the opposite could also happen. Any investment comes with risk, but cryptocurrency has some of the largest risks of all.


Stocks are investments that you can make on the stock market. You can trade directly with the stock market, or you can use a service like eToro. These will do the trading for you and allow you to easily get into having stock investments. You can buy stocks plenty of different companies, and they will then increase or decrease due to specific factors relating to that company, government or the world in general. For example, you can buy stock in Netflix. It has recently seen a large increase the in the value of its stock, so you might want to buy some stock, and hopefully, it will keep increasing. There is a lot of information about all kinds of stock from Facebook to Chipotle stock. This means that you can buy stock in companies that you like and believe in. If you think they have a good product coming soon, then this might mean a dramatic increase in their stock. A good example is how much the Nintendo stock increase after the release of Pokemon Go. That could happen to any company at any moment if they play their cards right. If you have invested in their stock, then that value could skyrocket.


Shares are similar to stocks. However, with shares, you are buying a part of a company. You own a share in that company, and then every year (or shorter for some companies) you will receive a dividend payment. This will be dependant on how many shares you own, but if you have invested in a stable and secure company, it can be a good way to have a guaranteed and regular payment.

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