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Life after military service is tough. For years, your life has largely following the same kind of patterns, offering you a rigidity that can feel stifling, but it is also comforting. You know where you need to be, what you need to do, and how you need to do it at all times.

In comparison, life back in the “real” world can feel jumbled, confusing, and downright bizarre. Many veterans struggle to make the transition back to normal life after their service ends. One of the reasons for this is that they have not had the opportunity to plan for what they’re going to do with their life now they’re a civilian again.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, you may want to consider the idea of going into business for yourself. The skills of self-reliance and rigidly adhering to a schedule, learned during your service, should serve you well as a business owner. Below are three options you might want to explore if you’re looking to establish the next phase in your life.

#1 – Veteran counseling and therapy

It is no secret that many veterans struggle with their mental health upon return from service, so the idea of a veteran becoming a counselor may seem a little odd. However, it actually makes sense when you consider it: if you have been there, seen it, felt it, and experienced the situation that others struggle with, you’re in a better place than anyone else to offer counseling and support to fellow veterans. You can use your experience and the coping strategies you have relied upon to genuinely help others, working on a self-employed basis and hosting clients at your home. If you feel mentally strong enough to do this, then you should find it very rewarding indeed.

#2 – Buy a business franchise

Business franchises are the perfect route into business quickly and effectively, without having to spend time and effort starting an entire company from scratch. This is true of franchises in general, but you may find it encouraging to know that there are plenty of franchises that offer preferential rates to former members of the military. The care sector, for example, has many veteran franchise opportunities that will both allow you to start your business career and connect with others, so they are definitely worth considering.

#3 – Online businesses

If you struggle with the idea of being around others, then you may find an online business — which requires minimal face-to-face interaction with strangers — beneficial. There are literally hundreds of different online businesses and money-making options you might like to try, so spend some time researching until you find something that interests you.

To conclude

Hopefully you have found the options above useful. If you decide to follow through with your idea for a business, then you will be able to move forward with strength, embarking on this new and exciting phase in your life.

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