Tips to Plug Your Budget Leakages

One of the worst feelings you can have when it comes to your finances is not knowing where your money is disappearing every month. If you have a leak in your budget, you need to plug it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up getting this feeling a lot more often. Here, we will be talking you through some of the ways that you can identify where your budget leakage is coming from and how you can perform some emergency repair work on it.

Budget for 2018

Track Your Spending Habits

The first thing that you need to do is make a list of everything that you spend over the period of a month. Next, you should divide these things up into categories. This way, you have a better idea of which areas are taking up a big proportion of your income every month. You can either do this the old-fashioned way in a notebook or you can use a financial software program so you can make the whole process clearer and more automated.

Set Yourself a Budget for Each Category

Next up, you need to set yourself a budget for each of the categories that you have subdivided. Make sure that it is realistic as there is no point in doing it otherwise. It may take a bit of time to get it right as your expenses vary from month to month. Make sure that you stick to the budget as closely as you possibly can. If there is one area that stands out as being disproportionately higher, this is where the leak in your budget is coming from.

Determine the Reasons for Overspending


Next up, you need to work out the reasons for your overspending. It may be the rising costs of petrol or groceries or you may find that you are spending a huge amount at the weekends. Even that cup of coffee that you get on the way to work can add up if you buy it every day. You need to get into more conscious shopping habits rather than spending money without even thinking about it.

Fix the Problem

Now is the time to fix what is causing the problem. If it the cost of groceries, try switching to a budget store. If it is that daily cup of coffee, try brewing your own at home instead. If you are spending too much on clothing, take a look at some of the discount codes on There may not be one single solution, but instead a range of factors will add up to make all the difference.

Commit to Your New Plan

It is all well and good committing to your plans in the near future, but you need to change your habits in the long term to ensure that you budget leak doesn’t spring up once again. Improving your budget is an ongoing task which is worth committing to, so you can live a more financially secure life.     

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