The Art Of Exceptional Administration

Many people overlook the role of administrator as an apt career choice. Most professionals tend to view admin as an intern’s role or something to hand over to the teenager on work experience. While this might be the case for the odd piece of work that needs photocopying or filing, sound administration goes far beyond the realm of making a good cup of tea, keeping the printer ink flowing and reprographics. The backbone of a small business relies on effective administration.

A Well Oiled Machine

Exceptional admin means that the cogs of the office are moving smoothly and the workplace is running as efficiently as possible. No time or effort is wasted and every second of the working day is used to its full potential. Something as simple as the wifi going down relies on good admin. With poor administration, you could find the office without access to the Internet for several hours; not great when you have important online conference calls arranged, or you need to get access to a vital contract in the cloud. If your administration is well organized, the relevant individual responsible for IT will have already sent a troubleshooting note to the computer engineer and the problem will be rectified within minutes.

Skills Of An Administrator

If you fancy venturing into the realm of admin, you need to be exceptionally well organized. You need to have a head for multi-tasking, and you must be able to manage many different personalities within the office. You should have sound IT skills and be able to manage software such as Microsoft 365 to collate information and distribute accordingly to staff team members. Communication is key. Sometimes you’ll have to limit access to the company website for essential maintenance, and there will always be someone who isn’t happy with the timing. It’s up to you to manage this discontent through clear communication and discussion. You may need to hold meetings, organize stock and manage appointments. The task remit for the role is vast and varied meaning you need to develop the niche skill of spinning as many plates as possible.

Professional Development

Administrators, like other professionals, get the opportunity to improve their CV and working practices through the completion of qualifications. You can enrol in courses, take part in training and read relevant industry articles to keep abreast of the most recent admin developments. Formal training could see you become an office manager, obtain a postgraduate qualification and could prove vital when searching for a promotion or wage increase. Those administrators that develop a positive reputation will be headhunted by the biggest and brightest companies.

You know that you have mastered the art of being an exceptional administrator when you call in sick, and you can hear that your boss is reaching for a brown paper bag and is having a mild panic attack on the phone because he understands that the office will be without its rudder for the day. With solid communication, IT and organisational skills, you can be an outstanding administrator.

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