Good With People? Make It Your Career!

Everyone is interested in bettering themselves, and becoming adept within a career. If you’re not currently working in a career that best facilitates your strengths, you might have trouble with this. We’d argue that’s because there are a range of difficulties which occur as a result of not being strong at what you do, and none of them are ideal. Firstly, you might feel demotivated that you’re not as skilled as the rising stars in your firm. You might feel that they achieve promotions where you should be on account of your experience.


You might find that even if promoted, your lack of strength in the field is resulting in feeling overwhelmed around responsibility. We’d also argue that you simply know when you’re not in a career truly suitable for you and your aims. It can be disheartening to feel this way, and lead you into the ‘why bother?’ mindset. This in itself leads you to prioritize comfort over getting better, and that can be lethal for someone intelligent who has promise. There is nothing worse than wasted talent in the modern job market, so it’s important to truly identify your goals.

If you’re not sure of your strengths, this can be an issue. You might not even understand what a strength is in relation to you. This article is concerned with those who are good with people, maybe even great with people, but who aren’t aware of how they can turn this into a career. We’d argue that every opportunity exists if you have this skill, as 90% of the corporate ladder is who you know, who you impress, and who you are happy to work with.

This article however will focus more on the benefit of feeling happy in your job. If you feel comfortable around people and find making friends natural, you may consider:

Working In HR

Human resources is one of the most important departments for the long-term sustainability of a firm. The moment a small business is able to open a department such as this, staff productivity will improve. Working in HR is not a simple corporate job. You are working with people, listening to their complaints and goals, and working towards a solution that best fits the both of you within those parameters. There are many responsibilities that the HR employee must take care of, sometimes all in the same day.

It might be that you’re managing the correct time to book a vacation, or acting as a form of counsellor thanks to recent job losses the firm you work at has suffered. It might be that you’re trying to demand payroll takes care of unsettled salary contributions. It might be that you’re helping to resolve a workplace dispute or a case of bullying. Whatever it is, your ability to discern social situations and talk to people well will help lubricate the internal dynamics of an office to a brilliant degree. If you want to get started after your graduate degree, consider starting one of many online MBA HR programs for the best success. This can qualify you to a competitive degree, and put you in touch with firms employees all over the world would love to be part of.


There’s nothing more noble than caring for someone who is unable to do so themselves. This requires a heavy emotional investment, but is rewarding down to its core. This will give you the opportunity to learn people on a more intimate level.

Being a carer means taking care of some of the difficult responsibilities in order to give someone a degree of dignity they might have otherwise had trouble with. There is nothing better than helping someone achieve a quality of life that help them feel loved, and allows them to enjoy their hobbies. From disabled carers to the elderly to those injured with sound mind, no matter who you help, you are sure to leave a profound difference regarding the positive health of those under your care.


While the police might have to prosecute and punish, there is no career which benefits more from those able to read situations, deescalate chaos, and otherwise understand the social spectrum. While the majority of police work is paperwork, patrolling and responding to small incidents, sometimes the life of a policeman warrants intense excitement and a deep sense of internal relief knowing that you’re making the society around you a better place to inhabit.

With this career advice, you are sure to find something you like. You should now understand the value of finding your career strengths, no matter what those are.

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