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With the holidays rolling in, there’s bound to be a lot of sales to look forward to. That also means a lot of competition to work around with. To be able to deal with a lot of rivals, there should be a way to put your service or product at the top. One of the ways to aid you in providing more profit to your business is email marketing.

Holiday Email Marketing

Here are some things to consider to maximize your gains during the festive season:

– Make your email content eye-catching as well as straight to the point. Most emails tend to drag on with what they offer in a very wordy sentiment. While some others are too bare that they might count as a business letter from some stranger. To be able to garner the attention of the individual, make your subject headings a definite head turner. Certain phrases such as ‘Top Gifts Kids Want To Get For Christmas’ or ‘Electronics for Presents for Your Family’ and many more; individuals are easily drawn to lists and suggesting articles that can help them on their Christmas list. Try to make use of graphics as well. We are all visual people and something appealing to our eyes is sure to get us hooked. Don’t forget to incorporate the festive touch to your photos!

– Make good use of limited-offers. Businesses make good use of the duration to spice up their sales for Christmas. This is something we see every year from malls to small businesses. No matter whom it may be, limited offers and sales are surely going to bring more enticement. While most businesses offer a specific set of dates to provide their sale, you can make use of vouchers or coupons on when a certain item or service is discounted. Once they are subscribed to your newsletter, you can simply remind them at least two days before the voucher ends. This also promotes better customer relationship since you’re sensitive enough to keep in track of their vouchers.

– Make your message lively as the holiday spirit. Once you’ve got your reader’s attention from the catchy title to the graphics you’ve incorporated in your email, your message should meet the criteria for this season. If you’ve had a steady set of customers and subscribers, this is where you provide an appreciation message for their patronage and their support. Loyal customers are hard to find thus it’s always a great idea to provide some credit for their appreciation of your product or service. If you’re not sure on how to formulate your message, you can simply spice your usual message with the spirit of Christmas. Using some festive graphics adds a better touch.

– Don’t overdo things. Simplicity is the key. Don’t spam customers with repetitive promotions. Be unique and make use of proper timing. If your services or products are geared toward business needs, scheduling emails by Monday 7AM would be a good idea since the first thing that workers do is check their email the moment they’re at the office. If your offers are addressing personal needs such as travel and accommodation, weekends would be the best time to send them. All you have to do is put your feet in customer shoes and you will be able to figure out what is the best for them.

And that’s how to take advantage of the holidays to get sales through email marketing! Take it easy. We understand that it could be challenging to put multiple ideas into one email so we suggest carefully creating an outline of your plans prior to execution.

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