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Video games have certainly evolved through the years since it has first been introduced to the world. There have been a lot of titles to consider and a lot more to that have yet to make their release to the world. With the specs going higher than before year after year, certain individuals can’t keep up. However, if you’re hoping to make the most of out your gaming experience while not putting too much money on your peripheral, you can check out some of the best gaming laptops below $500:

– Dell Inspiron i5559 – 4682SLV

– Samsung Chromebook Plus

– ASUS P2540UA-AB51

And many more laptops that can be found across the web or your local gadget store. The one thing in common with these laptops is how it can still handle some gaming duties while not busting too much of a buck. But what’s good with these laptops if you’re not sure on what games you can make the most out of? Not to worry, here are some of the noteworthy games you can enjoy while optimizing the value of your money:

– Cuphead. This Steam game has just recently released but it has certainly taken the internet by a storm. This particular game is hand drawn and thus has quite the best animation to offer. If that’s not enough to make you curious, Cuphead is a tribute to the early imagery of cartoons so it can be a little too much to certain players. That also brings the context of being quite a difficult game. Much like how earlier games were crafted; Cuphead makes no effort to dumb the difficulty down and can be akin to certain titles such as the Souls series in inducing a great amount of frustration. With its low PC requirements and great difficulty, Cuphead is a great game to pick up for your new laptop.

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– Stardew Valley. It is one of the best and well-loved games that Steam has to offer. Surely a lot of individuals grew up playing Harvest Moon. This game caters to that sense of nostalgia that the virtual farming life has to offer. A good thing about Stardew Valley is that this game sorts out a lot of issues that the Harvest Moon series misses out. Due to being patched consistently, there are a lot of items, events and even bugs that have been fixed ever since the game was first released. There’s a lot of content in store for you with this game and it’s certainly going to take some time before you become the best farmer in town.

– Undertale. Now, this game may look like any usual 8-bit games but it has a lot of things in store. You’ve most likely have not gone through a role-playing game wherein you choose not to hurt your enemies, right? Undertale gives you the option of being the friendly main character as opposed to the usual route of violence that most role-playing games have to offer. With the introduction of this method of handling a rpg game, Undertale gives a new approach to how things are sorted out. One thing to remember is how your actions affect how the story goes. If you choose to fight your way through the game, there are results to this method and additionally, the same goes to being friendly to everyone. The game features a lot of endings so try to go through numerous routes when you can.

– The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. This game title has become quite known to the gaming community. It was the pinnacle of gaming graphics when it came out. Much like the previous Elder Scrolls titles, this is an open world game. It features a wide set of races as well as different paths that you can take. There is no limit to what you can do and this has won the hearts of many gamers due to the sheer amount of possibilities to be done. One of the factors this game shines is also the amount of mods that one can incorporate in their games. If you want to spice up your adventure, Skyrim has numerous mods that can be accessed to liven up your story. However, if you would like to retain the overall Elder Scroll experience, sticking to the core game doesn’t make it any less fun.

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