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We all want to look as attractive as possible. There’s no denying it. Now, there’s much more to life than looks and true beauty isn’t necessarily skin deep. But people always have and always will lay significance on how they look and present themselves in day to day life. Nowadays, this interest in appearance is perhaps more prominent than ever, as we are encouraged to constantly share images of ourselves with others. Think of the rise of the selfie and snapchat. So, it’s not all too surprising that the beauty industry is flourishing at the moment. The general public’s increased interest in beauty regimes, products and services (and their willingness to spend big bucks on improving their personal appearance) has resulted in a huge expansion in the number of positions and careers that are available than ever. So, if you have a flair for making people look and feel at the top of their game, it’s time to start making your way up the career ladder in the beauty sector. Here are a few job roles that might appeal to you.


You’re more than likely aware of the instagram hashtag “#aesthetic”. An aesthetic is something concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty. So unsurprisingly, the job of an aesthetician can cover a huge amount of ground. So let us whittle things down for you a little. A professional aesthetician specialises in the beautification of the skin in particular. They are not medical doctors, but instead they perform a huge array of cosmetic skin treatments for the whole body. Examples could include carrying out chemical skin peels, conducting facials, performing waxing, and other forms of skincare therapy. If this sounds great to you, then you can get prepared and start making a move to becoming one of these skincare therapists. First, you will need to gain your licence. These can be obtained at a specialist aesthetician school or from a specialised course. Don’t underestimate how much you will need to learn. You will need to be familiar with the different aspects of people’s bodies including skin layers, muscle groups and all sorts of other biological information. Once you are qualified and have found a placement, you are likely to find yourself working in a salon, spa, or dermatology office in an employed or self-employed role. This can be a hugely rewarding job, as you can help people who are self conscious due to problems such as acne flourish and improve.

Beauty Career


When you want to change your appearance, one of the most drastic places to start can be your hair. Perhaps this is why so many women tend to have a complete change of hairstyle when they leave a relationship. It gives you a new lease of life and holds the potential to completely alter your overall appearance. Hair is expressive. It says something about you and your personality. You can dye it bold colours (from peroxide blond to the currently popular pastel pink, baby blue or mermaid green). You can have it any length. You can wear it up or down, put accessories in it, dreadlock it, have bangs, curl it, straighten it, perm it… the list goes on. However, whether you’re looking to change your look or simply neaten up your usual style, you want to ensure you have a reliable, professional hairdresser to complete your look. We’ve all had, or at least heard of, one hairdressing disaster. So it’s understandable that people can be pretty picky when it comes to trying out a new stylist. But the good news for any budding hairdressers to be is that customers generally remain loyal to you once you’ve done a good job the first time round. You can build up a base of happy clients who will come back time and time again. The best way to get into hairdressing is perhaps to get a junior position at a hair salon. You will essentially start out by assisting a senior stylist, helping out with smaller tasks such as washing hair, giving scalp massages, and blow drying. But as you gain confidence, you will be given more responsibility and training. You can then begin to specialise, choosing whether to focus on cutting or colouring hair. It won’t be all too long until you are in a senior position yourself!

Nail Technician

It’s difficult enough painting your own nails. It always seems as though you slip at the last moment, smudging your efforts and smearing polish up your finger or across your hand. It’s not surprising that so many people opt for a professional manicure. Not only will this leave your nails looking pristine, but it’s a massively relaxing experience too, where you can expect to have your nails filed, shaped and painted and your hands moisturised and massaged. Another aspect of the job role is to be able to craft acrylic or gel nails for people who want a longer or more sturdy and chip free alternative to naturally long nails. College courses exist that will help you to become a qualified technician. There’s more equipment and inside knowledge than you could imagine. So get studying!


Eyebrows are all the rage since Cara Delevingne broke into the fashion world. Eyebrow threading generally won’t be a full time position but it’s a great way to earn a little cash on the side here and there. Alternatively, you can offer it alongside other services as an add on. Threading is an alternative form of hair removal to waxing and generally appears more difficult. However if you have the correct knowledge and method you’ll be able to get into the swing of things relatively quickly.

So, forget becoming a beauty school drop out. Get studying, knuckle down and you will be in a beauty position sooner than you could imagine. Not only will you feel content in your role but you will also be left content in the knowledge that you’re making others feel better about themselves on a daily basis.

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