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Is link bait or link baiting new to your ear? What is all about this link bait? To give you a few information about it, link bait is a content of a website linked from another website used to entice readers to go to that website. Link baiting is the one of the latest phenomenon in search engine optimization (SEO) and a trending marketing online strategy to drive traffic to a website aside from using keyword searches.

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There are lots of things on web pages that can be link baited. These include news, information, blogs, pictures, videos, articles, and many others as long as it is captivating enough to magnet visitors to go to their website and to be linked to other websites. Social media is one of the targets of link baiters because massive amount of social media account owners are always online in their accounts. So to be able to identify what are the elements mostly link baited, you should know the different types of link bait.

  • Trending News

These are news articles, press releases, breaking news, and other current event news that tell about trending scoops like government news, politics, sports, economic news, entertainment, and the like. These are alluring to readers who wants to keep updated from the happenings in and out of their countries.

  • Informational Articles

These are blogs or articles that tell relevant information about a certain thing like latest inventions, special feature of a newly released gadget, ‘how-to’ blogs and other informational articles. It also includes step-by-step tutorials on how to do or solve a problem. This type of link bait tries to capture the attention of readers who want to know the details of a certain thing.

  • Funny Hooks

These are mostly jokes, ice breakers, funny stories, videos or pictures. These are not as relevant as trending news and informational articles but it attracts audiences who wants to have a break on the hot news and happenings around. It has the tendency of becoming because laughing is contagious so a reader who was caught in this funny joke will be unstoppable in sharing it.

  • Financial Resources

Who doesn’t want to have financial freedom? This type of link bait are mostly articles on how to earn money in different ways and money investment ideas. This type of link bait targets jobseekers, people looking for a good investment, and those who wants to earn extra income.

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