Weaving The Webpage: The Four Things You Need On Your Website

Your website is the glue that holds everything together, customer, client, cash transactions, the lot. The whole professional business image relies on your website being up to scratch and running at optimum level. So, do you have everything in working order? And, more importantly, do you know exactly what it is you need to have on your website to have the maximum impact?

The Homepage

Yes, that’s obvious, but that’s not all! The homepage isn’t just the face of the business, it’s got to do one thing, help the customer get what they need quickly. You need to cater for the fact that people are more impatient now than ever, and people will only spend around 10 seconds hovering their mouse before they get frustrated. If your customer can’t find what they are looking for on the web page, they will go to your competitor. So, to do this, you need to make your layout simple and make sure the customer is able to see where they are going. Homepages shouldn’t be fancy designs, it needs to be simple and easy.

The Pricing Page

Again, it needs to be simple and clear to see. Depending on your website and what products you offer, you should address your prices in one way or another, because this is what it all boils down to the end of the day. If you make the most of a website development company like IgniteDigital.com to help you through the web design part, you can learn the important aspects about how to lay out your website effectively. Pricing is one of the most important parts of any service you provide because if you are purposely cagey when it comes to showing your prices, it’s unlikely customers or clients will trust your business completely. This will result in them going to your competitors.

The Place For Your Blog

Not just your blog, but your vlog, your links to social media or promotional materials too. Every website benefits from links to other promotional materials that you create as a company, and this is a key part of expanding your personality, which customers and clients will use as a gauge whether to use your services or not. But having a bog-standard blog isn’t enough anymore, you do need to think about expanding your horizons in this respect. And so if you can make a place for your “education center,” which has all forms of media, from podcasts to articles and everything in between, this will create a more robust experience for your customers or clients.

The “About” Page

This is probably low on your priorities when it comes to designing a website, but the right page describing who you are as a company has a real impact on how people use your services. The best sort of pages in this respect tread the fine line between explaining what it is you do but also shows a glimpse into your personality. It doesn’t have to be an essay on your goals and beliefs, but it’s a very good way to show a nice inside into your overall company ethos by putting a face to the name, and it doesn’t need to be a “real” face either. Look at Sprk-d.com for some inspiration in humanizing your business so you have aren’t just another one of those faceless businesses.

Have these four parts on your website, and you will have a well-rounded business website! So think about your website and what is particularly useful on there right now.

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