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Business owners face a life of hard choices. There’s no simpler way to put it. Every day, you are going to have to make a decision that has the ability to affect your bottom line, to make it easier or harder to keep your employees, to stick to your values or not, to push one market away for another. But some of the most important choices come right at the beginning. There are some aspects of the business you can “wing it” with to some degree, and learn to pick up as you go along. With these choices, a firm understanding and firmly reasoned decisions are crucial.

Your structure

When it comes to starting a business, this is a decision that many people do not weigh thoroughly enough. As it regards taxes and legal matters, it’s easy for people to get lost when deciding which structure they choose. Many are tempted to go with the simplest option, the sole proprietorship., which is best for those working alone who may prefer to count their business expenses and income alongside their own. Partnerships treat businesses as shared assets between two or more owners. Corporations treat businesses as separate entities from their owners. But there is a growing trend to use the structure of a limited liability company amongst entrepreneurs worth considering, too. With the help of and similar sites, people are starting to realize the benefits of structures that were, in the past, less well-known. For instance, with LLCs, owners are protected from debts and liabilities of the business, only the business itself is. It offers a layer of protection between the owners and the business.

Your brand, value, and market

Your business will begin from a product or service idea that you think merits enough interest from the market to sustain the costs of providing them and hopefully enough to earn some profit in the long-term. But how much demand there is for the product you supply isn’t just down to whether there’s an existing marketing need. The same product or service with a different value proposition or market aim can become a vastly more successful product. When you have a good idea, you shouldn’t just run with it. You should spend time thinking about which market it’s best for, the value you attribute to it, and which branding choices are best suited to demonstrate that fit. Re-branding and re-launches are possible, but they’re expenses that could hobble growth right from the beginning.

Your cash flow

Growth can be slow in the beginning regardless of how well you brand the business. Right at the beginning will be one of the hardest points for cash flow in the business. You need to make good choices right from the off on both where you get your money and where you spend it. Looking at your financing options with the help of sites like can highlight ways you can keep the influx of cash healthy, such as using online lending, crowdfunding, and credit cards. At the same time, you must always be carefully monitoring expenditures such as the costs of locations the business uses and which suppliers you use. The numbers should be right from the beginning if you want the best start available to the business.

Some of the decisions named above can be modified in time, but they are all a crucial part of giving your business a strong start that makes it easier to get over the first hurdles that stop so many from getting beyond their second year. Spend time thinking more closely about them before you rush to open your doors.


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