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For many people, the idea of investing their money is too complicated and too daunting to truly bother with. People hear the word ‘investment’ and picture the DOW Jones and other stocks on the stock market, and as most people don’t understand how the stock market works, they say no thank you and walk away from the idea of investing their money.

The thing is, investment is more than just numbers on a stock market board. There are plenty of ways that someone can invest their money and they don’t have to be complex, either. Exploring the many ways that you can invest your money that don’t involve the stock market can be the first step, and it’s for this reason that we’ve put together some of the other ways you can put your money away and watch it grow!

  1. Peer-To-Peer Lending. Not many have heard of it, but peer-to-peer lending effectively takes the middle man out of lending. A higher rate of return goes to the person who invests, and a lower rate is available to the borrower. Websites like this encourage and actively link peers who are able to lend to each other.
  2. Precious Metals. Gold and silver are controversial assets, as the value is ever-changing. The reliability of the return that you will receive will depend on the success of the market. One of the best benefits about investing your money in precious metals is that you can actually take possession of them. You can hold gold bullion in your hands rather than have to rely on a computer.
  3. Real Estate. Looking into homes for sale when you don’t necessarily have plans to move to a new house can be another way to invest money. Having tenants and using your property as a way to pay the mortgage is a great way to build a portfolio of homes. Real estate is an asset you can see and deal with, so you can see a real return on your money.
  4. Collecting Art. If you invest in one great piece of art or antiques twice a year, you have a tangible asset that will grow in value in your own home. Sometimes investing in art or antiques can really pay off, especially if you have bought something at a flea market that turns out to be an original piece by someone of notability. Collectibles don’t always appreciate, but it really does depend on what you buy and where from.
  5. Wine. As a consumable commodity, wine can increase in value as it ages and so investing in wine is actually a smart way to place your cash. Taking some courses on the best wines to invest in makes sense here, as you need to have a good understanding of what you’re placing your money into before you rely on it as an asset. You can actually earn up to 15% a year if you’ve played your wine cards right.

Investment doesn’t have to be staring at the stock market, so be smart about where you place your cash and watch your money earn for you.


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