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Some people take to running a business like a duck to water, almost as though it’s in their nature. When you observe the behaviors and actions of the world’s most influential leaders like Bill Gates or Richard Branson, they seem to have common qualities that make their businesses a success. Don’t be disheartened if you feel that you lack their creativity or resources, as there are some fundamental qualities that make a good business leader. Here are some of the key traits that all effective business leaders possess.


Business leaders know what they want their business to look like and how they are going to achieve it. Passion is important, and it’s that drive and determination that will help you to get to where you want to be. If you lack the enthusiasm or willingness to succeed, you may not have what it takes to ride out the obstacles and challenges that may come your way. Starting your own business is a great move, but you should make sure that you pick the right project for you to ensure the best chance of success.

Being able to push past your fears

There are many unknowns when it comes to business. It could be this fear that is stopping you from starting your own business when it’s clearly the right move for you.  You will have a lot riding on your success including your income, your home and other factors that can lead you to get consumed by the fear of failure. If you spend too much of your time worrying about what could go wrong, you could turn these fears into reality. Rather than being consumed by your fears, focus your energies into making your business a success – that is what will help you ensure that you succeed. Take risks where appropriate, but be confident in your decisions.

The ability to see the bigger picture

Effective business leaders can assess the past, present and future to make accurate forecasts about where the business is going. Planning and analysis will help you to understand the ins and outs of your business better than anyone else. It’s important that you are aware of every detail concerning your business to be able to apply for funding, work with partners and inspire confidence in your employees.

Common sense

Many decisions you will make for your business will boil down to common sense. There are many things that are fundamental to running your business, and if you think you can cut corners by avoiding them – you might not have the right business sense to succeed. Having a financial cushion, a backup plan and assessing errors and omissions insurance costs versus a potentially damaging negligence claim are all ways you can protect your business from harm and ensure that you take the right step forward for your business.

While it may present some challenges, there’s never been a better time to start your own business. With the right attitude and some key lessons learned from others, you can turn your ideas into reality and run your own successful company.

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