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One of the biggest reasons why people fail to act on their great business ideas is they think that it’s simply too challenging. While it’s true that any kind of business model requires an initial investment, a well-thought out plan, and some degree of marketing to take wing, many people think of these things as much more daunting than they actually are. It’s easier than ever to start a business these days. Here’s how…

It’s Easier to Get Started

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to open a local boutique with an online branch, or a completely digital venture, modern resources have meant that any company can build itself up easily, and then iterate easily. With the rapid pace of business in the early stages, you’ll need the flexibility that a lot of modern platforms give you. After just a little research, you’ll know exactly how and what to sell on Etsy, Amazon Web Services, Shopify, and any other selling platform you can think of! When you’ve got somewhere to sell, there are a range of other accessible business services to look into. If you need a logo, you can head to 99 Designs. If you need a lawyer, check out RocketLawyer. For offline merchants, there are also a wide range of point-of-sale systems that are more accessible than this tech has been in the past, such as Square and PayPal.

It’s Easier to Generate Capital

Start-up capital has always been one of the biggest obstacles that holds people back from pursuing their business ideas. It’s still an obstacle today, but it’s much easier to surmount than it has been in the past. The services we mentioned in our first point often translate into a cheaper start-up, especially with the cost of technology on a consistent downward trend. Furthermore, with the massive accessibility to the internet these days, you can tap into a much larger customer base than you would have been able to in the past – a customer base that keeps on growing! The actual process of sourcing start-up capital has also become much more manageable. Platforms such as AngelList, IndieGoGo and Kickstarter can all be used to connect your business with angel investors and donors who may be interested in financing your idea. With less start-up capital required, new businesses are in a much stronger position from day one.

It’s Easier to Manage

Again, this is tied up in the falling cost of tech, and modern accessibility to the internet. Few people are experts in managing every aspect of a business, least of all the successful CEOs you look up to! While you’ll start off wearing a lot of hats, as the business expands, you’ll need to spread the load out across different people or tools to avoid burning yourself out. There are now countless business tools like QuickBooks that will take some of the work off your hands, and cost less than a full-time bookkeeper. Furthermore, cloud platforms have allowed business owners to hire in workers from all over the world if you prefer a human touch.


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