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You might think that, in order to invest your money, you need to dabble in the likes of stocks and shares or buy a load of gold. However, that isn’t the case! There are also quite a few investments that you can make in the office. Ok, so they won’t make you any money like financial investments, but they will certainly save you a whole lot of cash in the long run.

Not too sure what I mean? Read on to find out about some essential office items that will end up paying for themselves and saving you and your employees a whole load of cash!

LED Light Bulbs

If you still have traditional light bulbs in your light fixtures at the office, now is the time to switch them to LED ones. Lots of people have already done so as it works out a lot better for the environment. But even more people would follow suit if they knew just how much money it would save them! You still have to pay more to buy the LED bulbs in the first place, though. Traditional bulbs normally clock in at around $1 while LEDs are $6. But, over time, the savings on your energy bills will be amazing! It is estimated that an office with LED light bulbs saves around $205 on their energy bills over a five-year period. That’s not all, though, as LED bulbs often have a lifespan that is double regular ones!

A Coffee Machine

Do all your workers pick up a coffee from the nearby coffee shop on their way to work? You might even do this yourself! Well, if you invest in a good-quality coffee machine for the office kitchen, you will find that everyone in your company can start to save a bit of cash each day. You and your employees won’t have to pick up your morning coffee at a coffee shop – you can simply buy it straight away once you arrive in the office! It is thought that an individual who starts to make their own coffee each day can make a saving of around $250 per year.

Employee Bicycles

Cars have always been expensive but, thankfully, there are now lots of loans available for families to help them afford a car. If employees ever need a title loan fast for a car, there are plenty of online instant loan companies they can turn to. However, there is no one they can turn to for a gas loan when they are struggling to fill up your tank! That’s why it can really pay off to encourage all your workers to get a commuter bicycle. These days, lots of people cycle to work in an attempt to save some cash. After all, it means they don’t have to fill up their tank to get to and from work five days a week. And, that way, they can save your car and its gas for days out with their family!

Office Gym

Lots of companies try to attract the best possible employees by offering lots of employee benefits. One of the most popular benefits is a gym membership. But is that a huge expense for your company? There is one way around this – set up your very own office gym! Sure, it will be expensive to buy all the machines and equipment at first, but you won’t have to pay for a gym membership for each of your employees each month! So, it might be worth thinking of converting one of your storage rooms into a slick new gym!

Smart Thermostat

During the winter months, one of the largest expenses for an office has to be huge heating bills. No one wants to come into a cold office each day, so company owners simply leave the heating on around the clock, even if no one is working the office. Thanks to some tech advances, there is now a better way to manage your office heating. You just need to buy a smart thermostat! This is a thermostat that can be connected to your smartphone, allowing you to turn your office heating on and off even when you aren’t there. So, you’ll be able to turn your heating off as soon as you realize that everyone has left for the day. Plus, you will be able to turn on the heating when you are still home in the morning, giving the office time to heat up before anyone gets there.

Once you invest in these items, you will definitely notice huge savings!

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