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So you have the best product that you have ever developed, you are sure it’s going to be a great hit, but as yet no one knows anything about it, let alone wants to order it. So how do you go from the production floor to making sales? The answer is creating demand for your product, read on to find out how.


One way to create demand for your product is to get the word out well before you are ready to launch it. You can do this by leaking prototypes onto the web, or you can cover the design and production process officially through company channels. Such as your website or social media pages.

Allowing customers a taste of what they can get in the future is a great way of teasing and tempting them into wanting to buy your product before it’s even hit the shelves.

To enhance this, set up a wait list that customers can sign up to. This emphasizes the desirability of the products and its exclusivity. Creating more buzz around the brand and increasing the demand.

Social media buzz

Obviously, in the modern age, a big part of creating demand for your product will be done via social media. But are you marketing yourself on social the right way? To do this most effectively you have to use a variety of platforms such as video, podcasts, and blogs as well as traditional social media posts.

This is not only because the first three types of media are valued higher in the SEO rankings, but also because they are a good way of creating engaging and shareable content. Something that is a much more effective way of getting your message out to the masses in a media saturated market.

Staggered launch

Another clever trick to create a demand for your product can be borrowed from Nintendo. They are super good at creating demand for their products, and one way that they do this is to run a staggered launch.

This means that they only have a certain number of products available at one time. Most of which are offered on pre-order (see wait list above). This creates a scrummage for their products, making anyone who got one without pre-ordering feel like they have achieved something wonderful.

By getting their customers to commit in this way, they create a bigger need for what they are selling than if there was enough for everyone. So by the time that the next batch is ready, they are all but sold out too, and so on.

Limited editions

Another awesome way of creating demand for your product is to offer limited editions. These are usually standard products that have been changed in some way to offer a little more. It might be a different design or color combination. It can be fairly simple.

Offering a limited edition works to boost the desirability of your product in three ways. One, it draws attention to the original product in a positive way. Two, it creates a buzz, and three it creates scarcity. Something that we have already seen helps to persuade people to buy.

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  • I’m a sneakerhead, and this is what the big shoe brands usually do to create hype for their up and coming shoe releases. They make NBA players wear Player Exclusive shoes, make people want them, release them after a few months, then bam – people lining up for the shoes, which then sell like hotcakes. 🙂

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