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Work hard and you’ll get paid accordingly. Right? That’s supposed to be how things work, after all. Unfortunately, a lot of people are getting ripped off without them even realizing it. Employers, the government, banks – there are several parties out there that may be, in one way or another, holding onto cash that is rightfully yours.

Thankfully, there are pretty consistent ways of both finding out if you’re owed anything and actually getting that money in your pocket. We’re going to take a quick look at the most common causes of an individual not getting the money that is rightfully theirs, and what they can do to ensure the money goes where it belongs.

Unclaimed Asset

Unclaimed assets

You’d be surprised how many assets are out there going completely unclaimed despite clearly belonging to someone. Sometimes, it’s cash – sometimes a small amount, sometimes a shocking amount. Even property sometimes spends ages being vacant simply because the owner… well, doesn’t know they own it. In many cases, banks are compelled to surrender such assets to the state after a set amount of time. If you feel that you have unclaimed assets, then find the appropriate department in your state by Googling that state along with “unclaimed assets” or “unclaimed funds”.


So something has happened to you that can affect your ability to earn money. Perhaps you’ve been struck by an illness, or you’re injured in a way that leaves you stuck in the house. If this wasn’t your fault, then you need to think carefully about whose fault it is – because you could be owed compensation as a result. Get yourself personal injury legal representation and work with experts to ensure the expenses you incurred as a result of your injury – as well as the loss of earnings – are covered by fair compensation. Too many people allow this sort of problem to affect their lives without seeking compensation from those responsible.

Overpaid tax

Some would make the argument that the correct amount of tax an individual has to pay is already an overpayment of tax! Still, people paying more than the amount they actually owe to institutions like the IRS is actually a more common scenario than you might think. You have to take the reigns when it comes to your taxes, because it’s extremely unlikely the IRS will alert you to the fact that you’ve been paying them too much money. Working with a tax attorney or a specialist accountant can be the best way to both get those taxes back and ensure it doesn’t happen again in future.

Unfair dismissal

A lot of people underestimate their rights when it comes to being dismissed from their job. The fact is that employers do have several obligations when it comes to dismissal. It’s in very rare scenarios that an employer has a right to outright fire someone without taking certain steps first. If you think that you’ve been dismissed unfairly, then it’s essential that you don’t assume there’s nothing you can do – the law may very well be on your side! You may be able to seek compensation – you may even be able to get your job back, though that might end up being a little awkward!

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