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It’s always a challenge for entrepreneurs to speak in front of potential clients. After all, nerves can easily get the better off you when you start talking. And as the potential client hears many pitches every week, it’s easy for them to zone out when you are talking. So you need to make sure you wow them with the time you have to speak about your business. That way, they will remember your company and work might be on its way to you. Therefore, here are some ways to create a buzz with your next business pitch.

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Work on the presentation of the pitch

If you just stand there and talk about your business for 20 minutes, it can leave the potential client zoning out. After all, it’s easy for it to become boring and repetitive if you just stand and speak at the client. Therefore, you need to work on the presentation of the speech so that it causes a real buzz. For starters, you might want to use a software like Powerpoint to help make your points when it comes to the pitch. It will be more visually appealing and can ensure they have something which catches their eye. Use your branding to ensure your company stays in their mind. You also might want to use videos to help create a buzz. You can speak about the company and show them exactly how your business works. You can even get your employees to talk in the video, so it introduces them to your client. And don’t be afraid to use testimonials from other clients to help grab this potential customer’s attention.

Work on upgrading your speaking skills

It’s often your passion and your public speaking skills which can wow the client during a business pitch. After all, if you don’t articulate properly, and state clearly what your business could do for the customer, it could soon leave them drifting off. And moreover, they might not take you seriously. Therefore, work on upgrading your speaking skills to ensure you use perfect English to deliver your point effectively. You can find lots of learning tools online to help you such as spoken English grammar mastery lessons. That way, your English can get a much-needed boost to ensure you come over professional with your pitch. You can also work with a public speaking expert who can give you some guidance on speaking to clients. It can help you also rid those nerves which can put your speech in jeopardy!

Brush up your business idea

Your business idea can often make or break a pitch to a client. After all, if you have something new and exciting, they are more likely to listen up. And then you could potentially make a deal. Whereas if you go for something which has been done a million times before, your pitch is going to sink. Therefore, brush up your business idea to ensure you talk about your USP and how your business is filling a gap in the market. Consider all the questions they might ask so you are ready. And you will soon wow on the big day itself.a1

And if they come to you, make sure the meeting room is clean and well presentable. And some good snacks will also help seal the deal too!

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