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Technology is constantly changing and improving our lives. Now that we are halfway through 2017, we’re at a good point to step back and take a closer look at this year’s breakout tech trends and see how they are changing the face of businesses.

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Here are some of the top trends that are very much apparent in 2017. You never know, one of these could become crucial to your business over the next few months.

The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things has been on most tech experts’ lips for the past few years now. But what is it exactly? It’s the theory that every device and item can be connected to the Internet, and then all of these online devices can be linked together. So, for example, homeowners could use the Internet of Things to connect all of their systems together, making them fairly easy to manage. Business owners could also use it in a similar way to make their employees’ day to day life easier to manage. One way they could do this is by creating a smart office. Much like a smart home, every system and device will be online and connected to one another so the whole office can be controlled with just the click of a mouse or the swipe of a touchpad.

Self-Driving Cars

There has been quite a lot in the news about self-driving cars recently. Companies such as Google are very close to bringing their models out onto the market as they have been relentlessly improving the tech behind them for the past few years. And many companies are eager to get on board with this new technology. In fact, Uber has even begun plans to start sending out driverless cars for customers to use as transport. Many transportation and logistic companies are also excited to see whether they can implement this tech in their business. Very soon, we may be spotting large driverless trucks carrying goods between cities.

The Cloud

Businesses have been using the Cloud for some time already, but it is about to greatly improve its security. If you take a look at wizzhosting.co.uk/vps, you can see that VPSs are now available, which are an even more secure form of storage compared to the Cloud. That’s because they take the form of a shared server but are, in fact, completely private. That means businesses can store all of their sensitive data on their VPS without worrying about other users hacking their account and stealing information.

Smart Payments

Have you ever seen a sci-fi movie where characters are able to pay for good by scanning their fingerprint or eye? Well, you may be very excited to hear that this is no longer going to be restricted to the movies – it looks like using fingerprints or eyes to pay for goods will soon be a reality. Not only that, though, but face scanning also looks like it will become a viable way for people to pay for their shopping. Some companies in China have started to deploy face-scanning equipment that customers can pay with. The system is linked up to bank accounts, and once the person has scanned their own face, it will authorize the company to take money from their bank account.

Synthetic Food

If you read news stories such as bbc.co.uk/news/uk-38666752, you will see that there is a big problem with food supply across the globe. The world’s population is increasing year upon year, and food producers are finding it incredibly difficult to keep up with the demand. Thankfully, there is one solution that looks set to ease this problem very soon: synthetic food. One popular example is solyent. This is a highly nutritional powder that provides the human body with everything it needs. It just needs to be mixed with water to create a drink. There is so much good stuff in the powder that drinking a beverage made from the powder can replace a full meal. Solyent is proving to be such a success that it is being sent to countries in Africa to help deal with famines. However, even though this is highly nutritious, it can often be very unappetizing. For this reason, the research into better forms of synthetic food continues!

Do you think your company could benefit from one of these new technologies? Or maybe it might be worth investing into one as a new venture? It could be very worth it as they are sure to become increasingly more valuable!

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