Turn Your Business Site Into A Traffic Magnet That Converts

A good business website brings in loads of traffic and converts it efficiently. How can you ensure your website does this?

Business Site

Follow the tips below:

Use PPC Advertising

If you want your site to become a traffic magnet, then you need to find the best ways of attracting traffic to your site.

PPC advertising is probably your best bet here. It allows you to get adverts out there and make your business visible to your target audience. Of course, the ads need to draw the user in, so they have to be top notch. As we mentioned in this article; Marketing Methods: Simple, Effective, And Cheap, there are other ways you can market your company online as well. Do whatever you can to bring the traffic to your site, then get converting.

Construct Perfect Landing Pages

For those that don’t know, landing pages are the pages people end up on after clicking on one of your PPC ads. It may well be the first page they ever see that’s associated with your business. To ensure you convert as much of your ad traffic as possible, you need to construct perfect landing pages.

There are loads of elements that come together to form a great landing page that converts. We’re not going to run through them all here, as it would take too much time. But, there are loads of articles such as this one How To Make Great Landing Pages that may be of assistance to you. All we’re going to touch upon is that you need a goal on your landing page. Your goal could be getting people to buy a product, register their details, download an ebook, etc. Then, your landing page needs to be set up to make this goal seem appealing to the user, so they complete it. This is how you improve your conversion rates.

Constantly Monitor Your Site

If you want your business website to provide you with success, then you need to know what’s going on all the time. Where is your traffic coming from? How many interactions does your site have per day? There are so many important questions you need to ask, and they’re all answered by strict monitoring of your site. You can monitor a website’s performance in many ways, as articles like this one prove; How to Monitor IIS Performance: From the Basics to Advanced IIS Performance Monitoring. Monitoring your site goes above and beyond simply looking at your web traffic statistics. You need to keep track of all elements of its performance to ensure it’s operating at peak efficiency.

Think of it as your office. You’ll always monitor things in your office to ensure everyone works productively and efficiently to get the best results every day. It’s the same concept with your website, monitoring helps you figure out the best ways to attract traffic, the main things to work on that are keeping people away, and the top ways to convert traffic.

If you bring in traffic through PPC ads and convert it using great landing pages, your website will start to function very well. You can monitor it to see proof of this, and also figure out what’s working the best, to try and improve on it.


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