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A lot of people know what career would be best for them from a young age. Sometimes, their parents lead them in a particular direction. Other times, it’s their passion that drives them. Whatever the reason, these individuals are the lucky ones. For some of us, settling on the perfect career isn’t that easy. If your parents have no preference, and you don’t either, how can you choose the perfect thing? Often, people who don’t have a set career in mind end up unhappy at work. You’re less likely to enjoy something you aren’t passionate about. The good news is, there are ways to find a job you can enjoy if you don’t have a passion to fall back on. All you need to do is consider what you’re good at. For the most part, job enjoyment is just as much to do with ability as it is passion!


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If you’re a people person, many careers would suit. The best job option may even be management. This is the best way to work in close collaboration with a wide variety of people. It’ll be your job to organise everyone and make sure they’re happy. Even better, you should be able to find happiness in this role, no matter what company you’re managing. You’ll be doing what you enjoy, whether that’s in a shop or an office environment. But, if management sounds like too much, there are many other options. Working in human relations would be a fantastic choice for you. This has the same amount of interaction as management, but it’s more of a people focused role. Or, you could choose a job where you’ll work closely with the public. Someone like an estate agent, for example, has to have strong social skills.


Who doesn’t love children? If you can’t get enough of the future generation, you could use that in your career choice. Teaching jobs are perfect for anyone who enjoys being around kids, and also has a desire to pass on knowledge. If you like teaching your children, this may be worth considering. If a whole class sounds like a handful to you, you could opt for private tutoring instead. You can do this from home a lot of the time, and it allows you to develop a strong bond with one child. Or, if teaching isn’t your thing, you could do a childminding course. This option is perfect for parents, as it offers a lot of flexibility.


If caring for others is what you do best, a career in caring may be for you. The good news is, there are many to choose. There’s always need for more care workers, be it for older individuals, or vulnerable adults. Or, you could go down the medical route and become a nurse. You could take your caring to the extreme and become a counsellor. If you also consider yourself a people person, counselling could offer you the best of both worlds!

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