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Change is a daunting topic. While some thrive on change, it isn’t the only approach to it. Some people fear change and even resist it. In the business world, change can be a good thing when it is planned properly and embraced by the team. Embracing change is not only a matter of mindset when it comes to a business structure, and more importantly to your revenue architecture. Any change at a business level will impact on the team, systems, networks, strategies, and company vision. Think of it as the butterfly effect: Poorly planned change can affect several areas of the business and destroy your chances of growth and success So what are the types of change that you should be planning thoroughly and organizing with the whole team? Here’s a hint: It isn’t buying a new coffee machine for the office kitchen. Indeed, risky changes concern IT solutions, business models, and new marketing expertise.

New IT Solutions For The Business

It is not uncommon in the business world to change your IT network system, whether you need to update a previous solution, to change offices, or to deploy a new one for your growing needs. In fact, changing IT solution is one of the most common changes that occur in an office. And it is also one of the most time and cost-demanding when it isn’t planned properly. Indeed, things can and tend to go wrong at the first opportunity they have. This means that without the appropriate network support for businesses, your team may struggle to deal with the new IT solution. From not being able to access files to disturbing usual digital processes such as invoicing and customer management, there is a variety of IT obstacles that can handicap your team and your revenue architecture. As a result, it is best to work with specialists who can guarantee that the job will be short and sweet so that everyone can go back to work smoothly.

A New Business Model To Approach The Market

Most businesses when they begin to expand tend to consider a new business model to approach a new range of customers. Let’s say, for instance, that you are a supplier of small industrial features. As your company starts to work with larger clients, you wonder about changing your model from supplier to consultant, as you figure that consulting might be a more profitable business – you are also probably right. A change of business model is the equivalent of a mini explosion that reverberates inside and outside your business. Your team needs to adopt a new marketing strategy, a new sale approach, a new invoicing strategy, a new portfolio, etc. You may as well start a brand new business! Additionally, your existing customers may not be prepared for such a change of heart, nor is the market. Your position as an industrial supplier is secured. Your position as a consultant is yet to be made.

New Marketing Experts To Support Growth

Bringing new marketing experts to the business is always a smart move to raise brand awareness and revenues. Or is it? You need to consider that new expertise means new projects, new marketing messaging and approach, and potentially new strategy. With marketing being the front window of your company, the rest of the business needs to follow the move. Imagine hiring a professional brand storyteller to create an engaging and modern image for your business. The impact of the campaign will be lost if the company doesn’t live up to the audience’s legitimate expectations.

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