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It’s fair to say that social media has quite literally changed the way we spend our day. The amount of people who spend their breaks dipping into their phones to check up on facebook or twitter are alarming. People use multiple social media accounts, and throughout the day check each one in turn. Here are some tips on how best to manage and use social media.

Be Consistent Across All Channels

If you create a facebook and twitter profile, they both need to be quite similar. You need to put the same biographical information in each or you’ll come off stupid. Of course, LinkedIn is going to be a far more serious profile than facebook, but they should each display the same amount of information. If your facebook detailed two years of university but Linked states three, people who have access to both of your accounts are going to be sceptical, especially potential employers, so be careful, be consistent.

Use SnapChat On Your PC

Snapchat Secrets to Success

Snapchat has grown from strength to strength this past year, the social media app allows users to send all manner of comedy photos to each other. However, there is no way to log into the app on your computer, or is there? There is now a way to use your snapchat login online, meaning you can use it at work or other areas where you can’t pull up your phone. A useful tip if you want to see what kinds of photos your friends took on your last night out.


Stop Facebook Videos Autoplaying

This isn’t so bad on your PC, but when it happens on your smartphone when you’re on 3G or 4G it can be an issue, primarily because it eats into your data, quite considerably too. You can turn this off. Go into facebook’s app settings, go to account settings then click video and photos. Here you’ll find an option called never autoplay videos. Tick this, there’s also an option to keep them playing on wi-fi only.

Use Third Party Tools To Optimise Your Twitter Experience

Twitter offer a variety of third party tools that can make your experience way better. Qwitter, for example, send you an email notification when someone unsubscribes from your twitter profile and even gives a suggestion into why it thinks they left. TwitPic is another brilliant third party tool that lets you post pictures with your tweets, there’s also an app called Twitterific which lets you post images when you’re away from a computer.

Differentiate Your Passwords

Accounts get hacked all the time, it’s so important these days that we think of different passwords to protect our accounts. Make sure they are all different, if someone gains access to one of your accounts and your passwords are all the same then they’re going to be able to access all of your accounts. Don’t forget to use a good secret question and answer and memorable information no one else will know, otherwise your password can be easily reset and your accounts entered.

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