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Being able to be financially free is the dream for pretty much, everyone, right? Who doesn’t want to be in control of their finances and not have to rely on anything or anyone else? It can be a tricky journey getting onto that road to financial freedom, though. Many of us might have a massive mortgage or have the threat of redundancy over our heads. But you can get there, whatever life throws at you. Being ‘free’ financially is the key word. You are free from having to spend your money in certain ways, or free from the chains of large debt. It can affect your whole life if it isn’t under control. So here are some great ways that will help you get to financial freedom. It will take a few changes to get the ball rolling, so to speak. So start making some changes to your life today and then you’ll be feeling free sooner rather than later.

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Live Within Your Means

One of the reasons why you might have got into debt is because you were overspending. Let’s face it; it can be easy to get money with payday loans and credit cards. It is easy to spend that money without thinking about it too. But after a while, it really can add up and get out of control. So make sure that you set yourself a budget and stick to it. Sit down and do the calculations of what you have each month, after repayments and bills. If it means a few sacrifices now for freedom later, then it will be worth it. So only spend what you have. If it means not eating out for a while, then don’t eat out for a while. If it means no vacations for a couple of years, then that’s what it means. You will be able to factor in plenty of vacations when you get your debt out of the way.

Avoid Payday Loans and Credit Cards

Now don’t get me wrong, loans and credit cards do have their place. When they are used in the right way, they can be a really helpful tool. They can be used to pay for things when you don’t have the cash, but know that it will be coming in. This is especially true if you own your own business, for example. You might be waiting for payment from a client, but it isn’t in the bank just yet. You know it is coming so you can pay it off when you get the payment. But as a rule, it is hard to get to financial freedom when you are using small loans and credit cards. Often you pay much more than you would, and it can be a stress to you until it is paid off. So don’t take any new ones out. Just focus on clearing the ones that you have instead.

Look Into Consolidating Your Debt

If you have debt in various different places, then it might be worth looking into consolidating debt. When it is all in one place in can be easier to deal with. You know what your repayments will be each month and what the interest will be. When debt is in all different places, it can be hard to keep track of. Some might have different interest rates than others too. So work out the maths and if it is worth moving your debt to one place. It could be a card with a balance transfer, for example. There are many deals that will offer you zero interest for a certain amount of time, which would allow you to clear a chunk of debt. You just need to be careful to check that you can clear it or move it before the zero rate is up. Otherwise, you will find that you’ll be paying a large amount. You should also check that you won’t end up paying more interest than if the debts were kept separate. So check it all and do the math to work it all out.


One way to make the money you have go a little further is to invest it. It can be tricky if you’re not sure what you are doing. But done right it can be a great way to generate an extra income. Most of us can’t fit in working another job, so this is something that can be done in your spare time. Just do your research thoroughly to make sure you are looking into some sound investments.

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