5 Essential Adwords Tips For Beginners

You may – or may not – have heard about Google’s Adwords product. It’s online advertising, in essence, and a great way to get traffic to your site. It can be a powerful tool for your startup or SME – but it can also be a costly venture if you don’t use it properly.

Google Adwords Tricks

Today’s guide for SMEs is going to go through some of the most basic tips for using Adwords in your business. There are, of course, many different features and tools you can use within Adwords. But, these essentials should give you some great ideas to start with. Let’s get stuck in.

Learn the basics

Adwords can be complicated – and costly – if you don’t know how to use it. It is essential, then, that you understand some of the basics, at least. We recommend doing the free Google Adwords certification program as an introduction. Or, pass on the responsibility to a staff member if you don’t have time. Even if you decide to hire an external Adwords Management company, you need to know what you are talking about.

Make Money Online Tips

Write better Adwords copy

What makes an online ad stand out? You only have one medium to choose from – your copy. And, much like Twitter, you only have a particular set of characters to work with. Writing Adwords copy is a skill in itself. Make your copy relevant to your landing page, and it should also fulfill your customer’s needs in an instant. Finally, there should always be a strong call to action, to encourage people to click on the ad.

Best Landing Page Design for SEO

Optimize your landing page

One of the biggest problems with Adwords is that even though you pay, there are no sales guaranteed. That is entirely up to you – and how you present your landing page. There is no point investing in a near-perfect Adwords campaign if the visitor arrives on a messy, incomprehensible sales page. Make sure your landing areas look great and have a compelling copy to convert.

Negative Keywords for SEO

Utilize negative keywords

As we have mentioned, it can be easy to waste money using Adwords. But one of the best ways to get the most out of your money is by using the negative keywords feature. Adding in negative keywords will tell Google not to display your ads when a customer adds them to the search query. For example, if you sell brand new books online, you might want to use the terms ‘old’, ‘antique’, or ‘used’. It means your ad won’t show to people who are looking for those products instead. Don’t forget that you pay whenever your keywords are displayed, so it makes sense to cut costs by using negative keywords.

Competitor research

Best Competitor Research Team

Finally, always check on what your competitors are up to. In fact, one of the quickest ways of getting better results is by improving what they are already doing. You can tap into months – or even years – of planning, and identify keywords and copy that gets them results. All you need to do is make them better, and you should find your results start to soar.

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