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It is easy to convert DVD to imovie, as long as you have the right tools at your disposal. There are several programs available to rip DVD to imovie MAC. Some of them are paid, while others have pretty good free versions. Let’s see the most popular programs of this kind, and some of their characteristics, to decide which one of those programs is best for you.

Mac DVD Ripper Interface
Mac DVD Ripper Interface

IMovie Converter is a new program designed for this matter. It comes with a free and a paid version, so you could choose to test the program free, and to decide if you want to buy the paid version latter. The biggest disadvantage of this program is the fact that the majority of the cool features is only available with the free version.

Nero is one of the most established programs that can make any kind of conversions. It is indeed the most complete solution of this kind, but its price is also spicy. If you are an advanced video editor that needs many facilities and features, the money would not be spent in vain, but if you only need to make a good library and to have a decent conversion tool at your disposal, you could think about other programs of this kind.

Disc Burner is another interesting program if this type. It has decent features, but it is a paid program, with only a few facilities for the paid version. Again, just like Nero, it is a program that is only effective in the full version, which means that you need to pay some money to have decent video editing capabilities.

BurnX Free is another interesting tool. It also comes with solid features, and it is free. It is a great program for editing, cropping and modifying audio files, so you could think about it if you are not looking for a professional editing solution.

The fourth program in our comparison is the Aimersoft. It is one of the best methods to convert DVD to imovie,but the program also comes with a lot more other interesting features. A great advantage of this program is that the majority of editing features is present in the free version, so there is no need to buy the full version, although it comes with a pretty good number of options.

The iMovie is one of the best Mac option for editing movies. It would allow you to transform almost any kind of video format, and to manage all your media files with ease. It supports a large number of files, being perfect for amateur editors that learn their way through the world of movies.

Aimersoft is one of the best programs allowing you to manage those files, and to create interesting libraries. You can transform any DVD into a format accepted in iOS, with a simple 3-steps method. Moreover, you can also transform the files from iTunes into a DVD format, so you could have the respective movie in your collection. In other words, it is the best tool of this kind, especially because it is free to use.

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