Are You Ready to Earn the Aruba Certified Mobility Associate Certification?

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The Aruba Certified Mobility Associate (ACMA) certification is targeted towards engineers who are able to deploy and manage wireless LANs. If you are an engineer who has the ability to operate a single Aruba Mobility Controller, this certification may be a way for you to demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers. In order to gain certification, you’ll be required to pass the ACMA certification exam, which is a 60 minute test. Each exam contains 40 multiple choice questions and is administered at Pearson/VUE testing centers.

During the exam, you will be required to prove your understanding of configuration wizards, authentication, encryption, firewall operation and policies, remote access point configuration, provisioning access points, role based access control, and the AP boot process.

Additionally, you’ll need to understand networking and topology design, GUI and CLI interpretation, GUI and troubleshooting, and the interpretation of CLI configuration file segments. General familiarity with planning, design, , applications, and solutions will be tested on the ACMA exam. Familiarity with product knowledge is also a requirement, and means that you must understand all of the following: AP models, licensing, different types of Mobility Controllers Models, and AP scaling.

Prior to taking the exam, Aruba encourages you to complete the Implementing Aruba Wireless course or the Mobility Boot Camp. You may also choose to use the services of TestsLive. Using multiple types of exam preparation may help you overcome the type of exam nervousness that causes many exam candidates to fail their exam on the first try. With the right preparation, you can ensure that you only have to take the ACMA exam once.

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