Things You Should Know About Autodesk Maya 646

Autodesk Maya or just Maya which means โ€œIllusionโ€ in the Sanskrit language is one of the most utilized 3D computer graphics software. It can be run on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux respectively. It was originally developed by Alias/Wavefront, now called Alias Systems Corporation and is owned right now by Autodesk, Inc. Maya is a one of a kind computer graphics program which is used by a lot of companies across the world to develop interactive and state-of-the-art 3D graphics in video games, animated films as well as television series. These days, Autodesk has made a lot of interesting upgrades on Autograde Maya such as:
  • Maya nHair: This new upgrade allows you to create a very realistic and impressive hair as well as other shapes similar to a hair. With this technology, you can create complicated simulations with a multitude of dynamic forces which cooperate with one another. At the same time, having the capability to interact between either Maya nCloth or Maya nparticles. You can also use the same system of constraints, forces and other fields with regard to all relevant Nucleus modules.
  • Viewport 2.0 Enhancements: With this upgrade, you can evaluate your work better so that you can make better future, informed decisions. This upgrade features the following specifications; high-quality dept sorting can support image planes as well as with regard to ghost animation. This program also helps produce impressive quality animation and other pre-visualization projects in just a momentโ€™s notice through the usage of the same hardware rendering technology.
  • Bullet Physics: Maya also has the AMD Bullet Physics Engine which can simulate both soft and rigid bodies in an animation fluidly. This feature allows the graphics artists to better simulate the motion of various objects like ropes, cape, deformed objects, and even ragdoll skeletons.
  • Heat Map Skinning: This animation technology can help the graphic artist create more accurate skin to cover bones as compared to an adjacent but not related portion. Not to mention the fact that this requires less manual refinement.

In addition to these features, Autodesk Maya also has the following advantages compared to the conventional 3D program. These features can also be used to effectively advertise on television.

Fluidity: This animation technology has a realistic fluid simulator so if the scene you are making requires some realistic smoke movement or explosions and all, then you can find this in this software. Just imagine being able to utilize such a realistic technology to be able to effectively sell a shampoo to your target market during primetime.

Classic Cloth Simulation: The graphic artist can design and create movements of clothing so realistic that it can be hard to determine if the movement was natural or if it was done by 3D graphics software.

Fur: Maya technology can also simulate movements made by grass and other similar furry objects. If you are advertising some animal heavy commercial or want to show a relaxing mood or location without the need to wait for a strong wind blowing over the grasslands, you can use this technology.

Camera Sequencer: This software feature is utilized to layout and reorganizes camera shots and makes them into one animation sequence. This technology works best when you are trying to advertise a teaser/trailer on local television of an upcoming movie.

Match mover: This allows the various elements of CGI incorporated with motion data to be combined together into one animation sequence. With such a technology, episodes of various television series can be reinforced more through the use of this animation software. With this feature, that army of undead is assaulting the castle or dragons breathing fire as they ravage the castle can be made more breathe-taking.

Overall, having an animation software like this can make a conventional scene more flavorful and at the same time, can make the wildest fantasies of people into a reality.

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