Blogsvertise Tips for More Blogging Opportunities

I chanced upon Blogsvertise newsletter while checking my inbox so I read the May news. Though the content is nothing new to me, I still feel that I have to share this to those who are not part of Blogsvertise yet. It covers:

  • Spotlight on Content
  • All Blogs on Deck
  • Get Social with Blogsvertise
  • Getting Your Tasks Approved – Tip

Fresh Content Makes Your Blog Great
Aside from knowing that Google Freshness update can affect your online visibility, it is really important to keep your blogs updated with new posts. Stop thinking about the search engine for once, and you’ll realize that fresh content also matters to your readers. Don’t you love it when they leave comments to your blog entry because you have an engaging content? Aside from sponsored posts, you must publish relevant content to your blog so as to balance the ratio of paid posts and not. Writing 2-3 unique blog entries between those posts with outgoing links can make your blog more natural and designed for human.

Make Your New Blogs Count
With lots of domain sale for the past few months, for sure some bloggers have setup new blogs. Blogsvertise encourages you to submit your new blogs that qualify.

Get Connected with Facebook, Twitter & iPhone
Earn extra by receiving alerts for grab bag tasks and new assignments. Free Blogsvertise app is also available for iPhone users. More earning opportunity via paid tweets, Facebook likes and so on!

Getting Your Tasks Approved – Tip!
This is simple and should not count as a tip at all since it was already given the moment you join Blogsvertise ( Read the advertiser’s notes carefully and follow all of them before writing and submitting your posts.

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