Add More Sites to Your Ask2Link Account to Earn Cash Online

How do blogs make money? Do bloggers really earn online? Yes, of course! And there are different ways to earn extra income from the Internet. You can make money from your blogs through paid posts, text links or banner ads, product reviews, and more. Here are the top 5 most popular and most reliable earning sites: Top Earning Sites

I haven’t mentioned Ask2Link on that list because I am not earning much from this site. However, I am thankful for the monthly payment I receive. Sometimes it’s just $5 or more but I can’t remember going above $15 in a month. I have 3 sites listed in my Ask2Link account and only one of them is getting advertisers. So I decided to add more sites for a better chance of getting more clients.

Add Sites to Ask2Link to Earn More From Blogging
The more sites you have, the more opportunities online...

Here’s how to add more sites to your Ask2Link account and earn more money from blogging:

1. Login to your Ask2Link account.
2. Click “Sell Text Links” tab. Click “My Sites” below it.
3. Click “Add Site” button.
4. Fill up the required information and click “Add site” to proceed. You will get a message saying, ‘The site has been created.’ if your site has been successfully added.
5. Install the Text Link Ad Wizard:

  • a. Select your blogging platform.
  • b. Install The Ad Code.
  • c. Verify Ask2Link Text Link Ad installation.

You will also receive an email from Ask2Link to notify you once your site has been added and verified.

If you don’t have an Ask2Link account yet, here are the steps to get started: Ask2Link: Get Paid By Displaying Links On Your Blog

That’s it! Hope you earn more money in the web by simply displaying text link ads on your blogs!

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