Earn from Blogging – How to Encourage Your Friend to Make More Money Online

Would you quit your regular job to be a full-time blogger? Could online earnings surpass day job’s pay and benefits? Would it be possible to have fixed work salary, passive income, sales commissions and miscellaneous earnings all at once?

Answers lie within the Q&A portion below.

About Blogging and Earning Online

Q1: Is this thing full-time or can it be done on the side?
A1: Both. Your choice.
For starters, it would be better if you can start as part-timer. (Don’t quit your job yet if you aren’t sure of which path to take.)
Let me elaborate by answering question #2.

Q2: Say I give time to it, like eight hours a day. Minus the weekends. How much am I looking at earning in a month?
A2: There are different sources of online income so it’s difficult to give specific figure. If you will quit your job and plan to explore online opportunities, don’t expect that you can earn as much as what your regular job is giving you. I quit my full-time job to focus on blogging because it’s already stable by the time I decided to resign.

Earnings from blogging can be called “passive income” especially if it’s coming from advertisers who pay monthly or annually.
You also have the sole control over your blog and how much time you’ll dedicate in blogging so there is no FIXED INCOME.

To give you an idea about how much you can earn, let me cite some paid-to-post sites and the rates:
a. PayU2Blog – offers $5 per post, minimum of 60 words
b. BlogtoProfit – offers P250 per post, minimum of 200 words
c. SponsoredReviews – depends on your bid, from $10-$200 per post
d. Blogsvertise – depends on advertisers’ offer, from $5-$20 per post
e. ReviewStream – $2.50 per approved review, minimum payout is $50
f. The Content Authority – depends on the number of words per article. Tier1 starts @ $0.007 per word or roughly $2 per 300-word article

Only qualified blogs can grab these blog-posting opportunities, though.

There are also more paid-to-write sites other than those mentioned above.

If you want to have fixed income, you can try hourly online jobs, not just blogging. It’s more of freelancing. Use your skills and interests to find jobs that suit you. You may signup at oDesk to know more about this.

Hourly rates range from $1-$20 per hour!

Common rate: (though it still depends on the client)
Data Entry jobs – $1-$2.5 per hour
Article Writing – $2-$5 per hour
Virtual/Personal Assistant – $3-$8 per hour
SEO Specialist – $5-$20 per hour

Rates also vary depending on your “feedback score”. If you’re a newbie, client gives lower offer.

Q3: I had a blog before on food and another on current affairs and social issues. How is that relevant to this?
A3: You can earn from those blogs even if they are hosted in free blogging platforms such as Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress, etc.
But some advertisers prefer self-hosted blogs, own domains. My blogs are just few samples.

I started with a .blogspot blog and I’ve earned from it as well. As you get addicted to blogging, you’ll find yourself buying your own domains and creating more blogs.

Food blogs are one of the popular and sought-after sites by advertisers. Even local media loves inviting food bloggers in their events which means you can get more exposure.

We have the so-called niche blogging and both of your selected niche (food and current affairs) can attract advertisers if they’re getting enough visitors/readers.

I have so much to share because blogging is not as simple as what other’s think if you want to make money from it.

Q4: How do I start doing this?
A4: Get started by creating an account with the following (my favorite earning sites):
a. oDesk
b. The Content Authority

Include these on your to-do list:
1. Create Paypal account
2. Update/revive your blogs
3. If you have enough funds, buy a .com domain and change your blog’s URL. Own hosting will follow.

That’s it for now! Basically, that’s the first four questions from my friend who’s interested in earning online (andΒ I answered them to the best of my ability and with all honesty). You can make money from blogging, too!

If you have questions/clarifications regarding this post, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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