Get More Online Jobs through oDesk ID Verified Program

If you have more writing projects, definitely you can make more money online. It still depends on hourly rate or fixed-priced offer though. The good thing is that you can increase your chance of getting high-paying jobs in oDesk if you will get verified.

Warning: This post has been sitting in my drafts since February 2011 (when oDesk ID Verified Program was first launched) and I just got time to edit it. All information are up-to-date. Read on…

oDesk ID Verified is a secure and easy way for contractors to confirm their identities online. Contractors who become oDesk ID Verified will increase their job application quotas and receive added benefits and services including faster resolution of payment issues and disputes.

With increased quotas, you can continue searching for online jobs that interest you and suit your qualifications. Take a look a this quota matrix:

oDesk Ready Overall
Feedback Score
# of Tests
Passed & Public
Standard Quota oDesk ID Verified
No Any Any 2 2
Yes None 0 5 10
Yes None 1 10 15
Yes None 2-3 15 20
Yes None 4+ 20 25
Yes 1-2 Any 5 10
Yes 2-3 Any 10 15
Yes 3-4 Any 15 20
Yes 4-5 Any 20 25

Getting verified is easy! You just have to upload 3 important documents and provide the information required.

oDesk ID Verified Program
oDesk ID Verified Program

*Click here for detailed steps and FAQ.

If you are new to oDesk, getting verified will be helpful to maximize your current and future marketability in oDesk. This is an optional program but doing so can make you stand out among the contractors.

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