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When I first heard about BPI Asset Management, it reminds me of my friends doing BPI Trade and I thought this is all about investing in the stock market. I’m into a different trading platform and having a BPI account made me interested about their launching of the country’s Philippines’ first full-service online investment facility. Now I have a brief overview of BPI’s so-called Investment 3.0. To all the tech-savvy out there, you all know what Web 2.0 means. So yeah, this is an ultimate technological advancement in electronic banking as BPI continues to provide quality service to the clients.

BPI Asset Management Investment 3
SVP Maria Theresa Javier introduces Investment 3.0 to the press. "Truly, growing and managing investment funds is easy with BPI Asset Management".

Getting started with BPI Investments Online is so easy. If you have a BPI account, manage it online by accessing www.bpiexpressonline.com. You can open a UITF (Unit Investment Trust Funds) for as low as P10,000 and mutual funds for P50,000. How much would be its return? Duration is the determining factor since there is a difference between deposit and investment. Though there are conservative and moderately conservative clients, investing in funds longer could yield much higher return than for only a 30-day period. There’s no specific figure and there’s a risk involved just like any other investment.

BPI Investment Full Service
BPI Investments Online provides convenience to the clients 24X7!

BPI Investments Online is different from other platform because it allows clients to open an account online as opposed to going to the branch with all the requirements needed for their applications to be processed. Accounts will be automatically debited according to their preference whether monthly, quarterly and so on. For more details, visit www.bpiassetmanagement.com. It has three major pages – institutional/corporate, wealth management (e.g. retirement plan) and investment research.

There are plans to incorporate live assistance (investment advisor) on the website especially to those who are interested in investing, much of having interactive ticketing system. General information can also be found on the website.

BPI Asset Management  and Trust Group
Speakers (L-R: VP Mario Miranda, SVP Maria Theresa Javier, Pres and CEO Aurelio Montinola III)
Pinoy Bloggers
Premium Investors: Future Billionaires

Can’t think of a better caption for the last image. But that’s THE SECRET. Say it, mean it, and you’ll get  it! (The caption also applies to me even if I’m not in the picture coz I took that photo.) I DO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. And I can make more through BPI. I might have to add more funds on my account though if I’ll go for mutual funds. Let’s all be positive!

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  • thanks for sharing this, my husband and i have been looking for ways to increase our savings and this is such a good idea. We are actually considering now citisec, which is an online stock trading facility- but knowing how stable BPI is, i guess this is much better. Will have a look at the website and will study if this will work for us.

    Visiting you thru the Bloggers Exchange Program, enjoy your weekend!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

    • The Money Maker

      I have an account with Citisec and so far, it’s doing good. My investments are growing. 🙂

  • ian

    you really can’t compare bpi asset management with citiseconline(col). perhaps with bpitrade, yes.
    with bpitrade and/or col, you would have to give “due diligence” and do some buying/selling yourself. for me, bpi asset management sounds like save-up on steroids but without the insurance component. =)

  • blu

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this. This is really innovative 🙂
    We already invested in BPI’s mutual funds and UITFs. Can we see our subscribed funds online? Also do we still need to open an investment account? Thanks a lot!

  • blu

    Hello again. Just want to clarify:
    We already have investments prior to the opening of the Online Investment Facility. so can we see our subscribed funds online? And do we still need to open an investment account since technically we have already opened an account with BPI? Thanks a lot!

    • The Money Maker

      Hi Blu,
      I think you can link your exisiting BPI account to this new investment facility. But to make sure, you may verify it with BPI. 🙂
      Check this out.

  • Vicente C. Abella

    I have a current account with your bank. Is there a better investment plan than ALFM because there is a greater growth potential and it is just as safe?

    • The Money Maker

      Hi, I am not affiliated with BPI. Just like you, I’m just an account holder. 🙂 I’m only aware of this one and the BPI Trade. 🙂

  • How much is the minimum investment sa mutual fund? Ung iba kasi 5,000 right? Dito ba sa BPI? I was thinking of growing my funds. I’m starting to pay off my debts and saving as well.

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