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This is the the EON CyberAccount page that prompted me to login last February 2, 2011.

New UnionBank Online Banking
New UnionBank Online Banking

Yes, the page is all-brand-new. What I like the most is the on-screen keyboard that enhances site security. Say goodbye to keyloggers! Unfortunately, I had issues with my login details. I emailed UnionBank’s customer service but after few hours, the site is back to the old layout, or the default page.

Hi Customer Service,

Now that the website is new, I was not able to login to my EON cyber account. It keeps on saying that the USER ID is invalid or out of range. I am very certain that it is my user id.

Thank you.

They replied promptly though it was no longer necessary for I was able to do online banking through the old setup. Up to this point, the EON CyberAccount page looks like this:

UnionBank EON CyberAccount
Default UnionBank EON CyberAccount

I am not sure if the new theme is still on a beta stage, or if it’s a random occurrence that I’ve just experienced. Anyway, I’m confident that they are aware of it (especially that I filed a support ticket) and there’s no breach of security on their end.

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