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Q: Blogspot VS WordPress: Where Can You Make More Money?

A: Worpress. Self-hosted WordPress.

I’ve almost forgotten this draft if not for Free Moneymaker’s post in the Adgitize forum asking how to switch from Blogger to WordPress – from free blogs to self-hosted ones.

So, why is a self-hosted blog more promising and beneficial to bloggers than using the free blogging platforms? It was ClickOnPortal who enlightened me about this subject matter when Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed was disabled by Blogger. I’ve learned a lot from my fellow bloggers after BHO’s welcome party. It was a successful contest with a win-win scenario.

Let me quote the top 6 reasons why you should go for a self-hosted blog than a free domain/hosting:

1. If he can do it once, he can do it again.

He doesn’t even need to give a good reason, and the worse part is, you cant press charges! Your in his territory so it’s his terms. Blogspot can just take your blog, suck out your content dry, and leave you with nothing but a broken heart; and he couldn’t care less. He will drop you like a hot potato if he didn’t like any aspect you do in your blog, keep this in mind.

2. He doesnt stick to one girl, you’re one of many. Being one of many means its harder to make a name for yourself, you will always be known with your domain’s last name, blogspot. And that’s not very good for branding.

3. Others look down on you. They would think that you are not independent, always relying on blogspot sugar daddy for your hosting expenses. People would think you are cheap, unprofessional, and not super serious about blogging (even if you are). If you don’t want people to have this misconception about you then you should be willing to shell out your own money, even if just a little bit.

4. You’re used goods. The thing with blogspot is its not your own site. The site is “blogspot” and you are just one of its many pages; in short, you’re not fresh. (You are just part of blogspot’s HUGE alexa traffic in fact.) And the thing is, suitors (or advertisers) like fresh meat. Trust me, you don’t want to be sort of ‘taken’ and off the juicy market if you plan on hosting advertising in your blog at all.

5. You are hindered from making yourself look really pretty. (In fact, chances are, you will look like a lot of the other Blogspot blogs, because of the lack of customization Blogspot provides). Honestly, the wardrobe or optimizing option of Blogspot sucks, I just have to say it. He’s not spending much on you because you’re not his only girl, and he has so much other work to do than address your needs. The worst part is that he works hard in optimizing his other businesses, such as Google and YouTube, leaving a lower budget for Blogspot. In short, you and how you look is the least of his concerns.

6. People can’t find you immediately, because of your last name. A lot of people will forget that you are married to blogspot and think that you are using your own name, like ‘.com’, and not ‘’.

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