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Your default feeds may not be getting a lot of subscribers and you are wondering how you can track it. You keep updating your blog but nobody seems to notice it. Say, you don’t care about the traffic but you want to send out the important information and valuable content you’ve just published, what will you do?

Burn feeds and distribute them! Share the feed URL and let your readers subscribe.

Here’s how you can setup FeedBurner and get more blog readers.

1. Sign up or login to FeedBurner.

2. Enter the URL of your blog.

Start burning feeds!

3. Identify the feed source.

Go for RSS 2.0, it has the most compatibility.

4. Update feed title and feed address.

Name it whatever!

5. Click “Next” to complete the FeedBurner setup.

Start sharing your feed URL!

Since there are different blogging platforms, it is up to you on how you would like to integrate them and take advantage of the different features.

You can also customize the settings of FeedBurner Stats.

Choose through the different options.

Share your feed URL to everyone and increase readership! Keep publishing good content and get more traffic.

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