How to Transfer More Money from oDesk to Paypal

Have you ever asked: How to withdraw earnings from oDesk?

I’ve got you covered here:

1. Check your current balance and/or pending payment:

2. Select how would you like to withdraw funds. You can do so using ODESK card or through Paypal. Here are other mode of payments. I chose Paypal by the way.
3. After confirming the amount and mode of withdrawal, you will see the transaction status:

4. Check you email account to know if payment has been sent:

5. Log in to your Paypal account to check your new account balance:

Confirmed! That’s really great. Time to send it to my EON account.


This article was originally posted on my BHO blog as How to Withdraw Earnings from ODESK.

7 thoughts on “How to Transfer More Money from oDesk to Paypal

  • The Money Maker

    I haven’t tried sis. What I tried is BDO before pero mas malaki charges kasi Unionbank na ang the best for me… If sa Odesk mo lang gamitin and you want to use BPI, pwedeng direct withdrawal ka na lang.

  • This is a great article. My friend used to work for Odesk and we got into some trouble withdrawing the funds from oDesk to PayPal to our bank account. I just think though that itโ€™s unfair that oDesk already took 10% of your hourly pay and they charge another $1 to have the funds transferred to PayPal and then PayPal will still charge you an extra fee to have the funds transferred to your bank account. I am lucky though that I got an online job from a similar site which is and they just simply deposit my payment every other week directly to my bank/atm account.

    • The Money Maker

      That’s how oDesk earns. But there is a better alternative now. Local transfers are allowed so you can directly send your oDesk funds to your local banks here in the Philippines.

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